The NFL 2018 Season


Well, this is perhaps the opposite of "deflate"gate.


We don’t really know that, do we?


I assume it wasn’t with a GOAT at least.


I mean, really, billionaire with bling has to pay for sex like a common millionaire. Sad, really.


I guess he decided to celebrate his Super Bowl win.


Florida, eh? Revenge of the Dolphins?


Assuming he gets convicted… forced to sell the team?


Not for misdemeanors - but it is another stain on that POS organization



Of course not. Bob Kraft is only 8 letters total.


“Hey Baby, wanna see my Super Bowl ring?”


That’d be amazing if he, Tom, and Bill had a little post-SB party.


BTW, they’re complete shit. I dunno my prosty rings of evil, but this sounds absolutely horrifying and fairly un-funny:


He probably paid his chauffer more than the $79. How bizarre.


I just assume most billionaires are involved in Taken level sex trade operations.


I’m guessing you mean as the Shiek and not as Liam Neeson.


Indeed! Though with Kraft’s money, maybe he’s bought off enough of the appropriate politicians to frame himself as the hero, there to rescue these poor girls.


I’m guessing we’re about to find out how good his prenup is with his trophy wife.



He’s not married to her, is he? I think they’re just “dating”. It must be weird to be a billionaire yet still have to visit a sex slave operation to get sex. Maybe it’s just more thrilling that way.


Yeah, they’re not married. They are dating.

But when she finds out, he’s going to be a Kraft Single.