The NFL 2018 Season


“Fellategate”, surely.


LOL :)


Cheeziest joke I’ve seen all day.


Reddit is full of them.

“Now he has a prostitution ring to go with his Super Bowl rings!”


Don’t they usually have people to arrange for these things so they don’t get caught?


This must be really bad for Kraft to be charged with two misdemeanors. I find it hard to believe he’s even being charged with anything, or was ratted out in the first place. Money gets people off for murder, rape, etc, yet he’s being hit with the embarrassment of being caught getting handies at a massage parlor? This has got to be some awful shit.


This was posted last night to r/conspiracy


Apparently there were questions during a press conference yesterday morning, so those rumors were apparently flying around much earlier.


So wasn’t it the owner of Carolina who was forced to sell the team after his aggressive sexism was revealed as part of the METOO# stuff? Isn’t this just about as bad?


The Patriots continue to get fucked in Florida.


As opposed to fucking over others elsewhere. Spygate?


Imagine if this broke on 1/22 rather than 2/22.


The Super Bowl wouldn’t be their only happy ending.


Clearly getting kissed by Tom Brady was not enough.


Not that far from me, I have eaten at the two restaurants which bracket this place, but did not really notice it, thought it was a tanning saloon or something…


Tanning saloon? That’s a concept. Drink and get tan at the same time! I like it!


LOL, I use Dragon to type due to hand issues.

Sometimes I just don’t notice the typos…

Happens a lot with sound alikes.


That’s interesting. Sorry about your hands, but how do you like Dragon?

I tried some voice dictation with Google’s tool in Google Docs. I thought it was surprisingly good.



Him overall a lot better than the version I first tried about 20 years ago. It’s been really good for about the last year and 1/2 but I’m starting to get a strange bug. Note the random him at the beginning of the first sentence. Somehow, it is starting to generate him when I’m not dictating. I don’t know if it’s picking up ambient noise, breathing, or is just a bug. I would definitely recommend it over typing though.