The NFL 2018 Season


“They also have an interesting provision in Florida law that you have to complete 100 hours of community service and attend a prostitution and human trafficking awareness course,”


The MNF crew was arguably the worst in history (even moreso than the Dennis Miller experiment). I guess Jason Witten heard the cries about don’t quit your day job.


Hopefully they use this to blow up the whole thing up. Whitten was their attempt at copying TOny Romo…it didn’t work.

Never use the stupid Booger roaming in that idiotic contraption on the sidelines again either and also find a new play by play guy or tell the current one to chill the f*ck out.

Stop trying to be gimmicky ESPN. Find a solid VETERAN duo and people will watch if the games are good at least.


The answer’s in the question, folks.


Sorta related:

“Bryce Harper has signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, finally answering the question, ‘How much would someone have to pay you to live in Philadelphia?’”


Sounds like a Bob Dylan song


Remember how Antonio Brown wanted to get traded?

Be careful what you wish for


Cleveland Browns and NY Giants completed a trade:
Giants get G Kevin Zeitler and a 5th round pick (#155)
Browns get DE/LB Olivier Vernon and a 4th round pick (#132)


Yeah, didn’t happen.

He said he wouldn’t play in Buffalo.


I read about some of the requirements to trade for Brown and the article I was looking at said a team trading for him he would have to be willing to give up a draft picks and wads of money. So it struck me, why aren’t the Redskins involved in this? After all, they have a history of giving up lots of compensation for players! That said, Brown is talented… He’s no Albert Haynesworth!


The Redskins are 27th of 32 teams in cap space, so there’s that.


Dan Snyder is obviously playing 3-D chess.


Brown to the [insert city name here] Raiders, according to AP.


I don’t completely get the people who are crowing that this is the best move ever. Amari Cooper is what, 24 years old? Brown is 31. Wide receivers fall off quite quickly.

In my opinion, the Raiders still need to hit quite hard on these draft picks to have come out ahead here. Just getting a mediocre journeyman from Cooper will have been a mistake, if Cooper keeps performing as he has been. Particularly if they pay Brown for the moon, and only get a good season out of him or so (which is quite possible at his age and given his being such a malcontent).


Trading Cooper was the old regime. Mike Mayock is the new GM in [insert city name here].


I’m with you in wondering why this is considered such a no lose move by the Raiders. Brown is older and a malcontent on a team that can’t pass and defend its quarterback. Recievers can help but unless Carr is much much better (and not in the hospital by week 3) Brown will be a disaster waiting to happen.


And fully realizing that it wasn’t Mayock who traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper – both in their primes – rather than pay them, and then traded and signed AB to a contract to make him the highest paid WR in the league…it’s still a weird move.

It feels like a team that lost 100 games in MLB just signed an elite closer or something.


The ultimate diva WR just went to the ultimate full of himself coach. Perfect match…


Cooper was kind of a disappointment as a Raider. He dropped a hell of a lot of passes. But I don’t think Brown was an answer worth that kind of money. The Raiders need much more than a high priced WR with attitude problems.

Trading Mack was insane by the way. It was admitting the season was over before it had started.


Why is Antonio Brown a diva?