The NFL 2018 Season


It really was. There are few defensive players that have the kind of impact he has. He’s the equivalent of an elite level QB.


Nope. Mack is awesome, but this isn’t even close to true.


Being serious, have you not seen him throwing Gatorade coolers, screaming at people (repeatedly) on the side lines, going on and on about how he doesn’t need to play, teams need to make him happy, etc.? I mean, that’s just off the top of my head.

The dude is not a wonderful guy to be around, and I can easily see how he would be a locker room cancer.


He’s just a passionate guy.


It’s officially free agency season, which means the money is flying.

Landon Collins just blew up the safety market by signing with Washington.

The deal is for six years, $84 million, including $45 million in guaranteed money, according to multiple reports.

And Oakland just blew up the lineman market with Trent Brown

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the deal will call for Brown to be the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history. He’ll earn $66 million over four seasons with $36.75 million guaranteed.


Jags sign Nick Foles for 4 years/$88 million.

Blake Bortles is probably going to get released.


That’s way too matter-of-fact. You should have said, “The Blake Bortles era has ended.”


I would trade Cousins for Foles on that deal, straight up. Hell, I’d probably throw in a 5th.


Wow, for a guy who was thinking about getting out of the league a couple of years ago, good job!

I’m guessing not much of that is guaranteed but Foles is still likely to pocket a quarter of that.


$50 million guaranteed.


Wowza. Good money for a backup. He’s 30, play his four years and retire and light cigars with twenties for the rest of his life.


He can already light cigars with twenties for the rest of his life. He’s earned $32 million over his career to date.


Jacksonville is going to dethrone New England this year.


Wow…that’s crazy money for Foles. I mean, I like the guy, so I’m going to root for him to have a couple of amazing seasons and earn every incentive dollar, but Jacksonville way overpaid.

Countdown to the Bengals picking up Blake Bortles as a backup for Andy Dalton in 3…2…1… =)


I thought the Redskins might pick him up but I just found out yesterday that the 'Skins picked up Case Keenum last week!


Wow. The giants just traded o’dell to the browns.

Jeez, they traded Beckham, their 1st round pick, and their 3rd round pick for Jabril Peppers.


I did not see that coming.


Giants get a 1st, a 2nd and Jabrill Peppers who has been somewhat of a disappointment. Edit: The Browns are now legitimate contenders.


Okay, Reddit has it formatted wrong. That’s why i thought the browns also got draft picks.


I had it a little wrong too. The Giants get the Browns 1st round pick and their second pick in the THIRD round, not their second round pick.