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Yeah, that was a much better deal for the Browns than I feared they were looking at. Peppers is an interesting player, but don’t ask him to cover anyone remotely deep. My guess is the 1st & 3rd are the primary interests for the Giants and they have some optimism to get more out of Peppers, but I would have thought they’d get more than that for Beckham when one considers the cap hit after this season is “only” $15 million/year.

edit - of note, Breshad Perriman signed a “show me” deal with the Browns for $4 million just before the trade went through, and now wants out of it. I can’t blame him, because he won’t get that many targets, now.


Man, that could be some offense with Landry in the slot, Beckham as the #1 WR, Chubb and Kareem Hunt at RB, and a hot QB in Mayfield.


They let Perriman go and he signed with the Bucs.


That was the right call, all around.


Earl Thomas to the Ravens.

The Legion is fully disbanded.


Compare that to what the Raiders gave up for Brown. The Giants got a pretty good deal.


It was actually the Browns’ second third round pick. The Browns certainly didn’t give up too much for one of the best receivers in the league. And now what are the Giants going to do? Limp-armed Manning with no one to throw to. Defenses will just load the box vs Barkley.


They need to move on from Manning. Might as well play a young QB. They are going to be bad so they might as well develop young players and get a high draft pick.


Unless Russell Wilson and the Seahawks agree to an extension, the rumor mill is the Giants are going to go after him next year if he becomes a free agent. Part of the reasoning is that WIlson’s wife is Ciara, and NYC is a lot more appealing to her than Seattle.


13+ million to Anthony Barr – a very good linebacker, to be sure – and the Vikings have negative cap space and literally no guards on the roster. Good times, good times.


Nick Foles bids a heartfelt farewell to Philly. He’s a class act.

Next time some cliche-ridden announcer trots out the tired stereotypes of Philly sports fans, point him to this piece.

And as much as I admire the Eagles as a franchise…… I love Philadelphia as a city.
I realized that this was much more than an X’s-and-O’s decision. It was a decision about what city our daughter was going to spend her first years in, and have her first memories in, and call her hometown.
And there’s just something about it…… but my heart said Philly.
I’m pretty sure a piece of it always will.


Thanks, Giants. I’m going to blame you now.


New year, new thread!

Packers still suck!

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