The NFL 2018 Season


I can’t help but wonder if Mayfield was being completely honest in saying his beef was about Jackson going to Cincy and if his real unspoken reason was that Jackson was a lousy coach.


His response to the Hue question was exactly what you would want your team leader to say as well. Losing the H.C. to a divison rival stings a bit. I am sure that victory was sweet.

Like you said, it was probably the most diplomatic way to say “we are glad he is gone”


I would take Hugh Jackman over Hue Jackson in a heartbeat. At least then when we lose every game the press conference will still be entertaining.

Jackson is a good coach, but he’s a terrible Coach. When he is in his element, directly coaching players, communicating with them on their level, drawing up offensive plays and helping them pick apart defenses, he’s a valuable asset to any team. When you take him away from that and task him with actually running a team, managing players and coordinators, motivating everyone to work together and coming down hard on those who don’t, taking the input of coordinators, position coaches and the players themselves and crafting a cohesive strategy out of it…he’s terrible. There are some very good coaches who are just not meant to ever be a head coach…and Jackson is Exhibit A.


Hey, if the Browns were my team I’d love Mayfield’s attitude.


When this is the most diplomatic way, you know you done fucked up Cincy.

Also Hue becoming HC in Cincy would be the most Bungles thing ever.


Yeah, this is the old Peter Principle in action.

Or my favorite real world example - the U.S. Civil War, where there are various examples of generals who were great as brigade commanders but not division commanders, or great as division commanders but not corp commanders, etc. They just could not take that next step up. Which is nothing to be ashamed of. By definition, most peoples’ talents peak at a certain level. We can’t all be Robert E. Lee.


This had me in stitches


I love Jacksonville #69 when his teammate pushes another guy down out of bounds. He just throws his hands up in hopelessness like, “what the fuck?!?”


That is the “WTF poster” photo.


This has been a great game. I haven’t watched the Saints at all this season, so seeing them held to such few points has been pretty interesting nonetheless. Dallas is still up 13-10 with just over 2 minutes left. Let’s see if they can maintain the lead.


That was a very interesting game. Dallas tried really hard to give it away but ultimately kept it.


Kareem Hunt in hot water for a video that shows him in a physical altercation with a 19-yo woman earlier in 2018. Not sure if a suspension will be coming or not.


This is the NFL that we’re talking about; they only act once the shit goes public.


Hunt suspended by the league, and summarily cut by the Chiefs.

I watched an awful lot of Chiefs fans basically dignity wraithing themselves on social media today, with shit that was basically the equivalent of “He didn’t hit her THAT hard…”

I mean, why do fans do that? It was apparent as soon as that video surfaced that:

  1. Hunt wasn’t going to be playing football again for a good while, and
  2. When he did play football again, it wouldn’t be for the Kansas City Chiefs

So why go to bat for this shitstain? I mean, my own feelings when I see that shit are to assume that the holder of such exculpatory thoughts has probably done far worse to a woman, and so if Kareem Hunt is a bad person, that REALLY damns the person saying “What’s the big deal?”


Damn, that was an awfully quick fall from glory. Good on the Chiefs for taking immediate action, assuming they didn’t know about this a while ago and are only reacting now because it was made public.


Wow, that was fast. Hunt is an all-pro caliber back and they dumped him. Very surprised. Teams usually try to hold onto star players.


His backup (Spencer Ware) is pretty legit so there won’t be a huge drop off in RB talent here. Hard for them to try and keep Hunt on their roster with that video out there though.


After the Ray Rice thing no team will keep anyone that’s on video doing this shit. Ever again.


I hope so, but man I am not so confident.

Granted it’s a lot harder to ignore with video, but if he was an MVP caliber player I’m sure someone would have picked him up.


Well except Joe Mixon, at least!