The NFL 2018 Season


Probably because of this:

I’ve always thought the dumbest part of this PR dance is that the star player must be solemnly cut from his original team, but because we love redemption he can eventually come back to play – but not for the original team! They’ve moved on!

As a fan it must seem silly that all the facts are still the same and now some other team gets that player’s output.

With that said, we may be in a new era where video evidence is enough to keep these guys out permanently.




What’s pretty damning is that, once again, the NFL’s investigators couldn’t get a video that freaking TMZ could get.

This after the NFL said they learned lessons from the last time.

Which goes to show that the NFL half-assed the job, or is incompetent, or both.


So are we going to talk about 2018 season games again soon, or will I have to unsubscribe and use the loser pool to talk about actual football for the next two weeks?


How 'bout them Redskins?


I hope you’re happy now @Navaronegun!


If you can’t handle a 10 post, 24 hour tangent in a forum thread, you’re at the wrong place.


Pleased as punch!

You got a Wild Card shot!


I watched the Hunt video and honestly had no idea what the fuck was going on, other than people shoving each other in a hallway.


I give it until Sunday. I’m just hinting now. At that point it’s interfering with “NFL 2018 Season” discussion. You know, games.

I do love how all the non-football regulars show up when some off the field thing happens in the middle of the season though. :)

The Off-season? Fine. What else to talk about but signings and the Draft. Which gets obnoxious in its redundancy…


Oh goodness, is threadcopping really that necessary here? It’s a dozen posts that are very much on topic.


Like I said, I don’t really care until Sunday’s games kick off.


It would be truly tragic if there were a half dozen posts about other NFL related things interspersed with the 15-20 posts about games on Sunday, yeah.


It’s really about notifications for me. I almost live read this thing on Sundays. We ghave really good fottbal/game/matchup talk here.


You have how many posts in here with your obsession with ancient Dolphins QBs and their jerseys and discussion about a top player being cut two days before a game is verboten?


Fair cop on Griese. Or Marino. Whoever.

So to make this about Football, not TMZ rubbernecking, how does everyone think losing Hunt will impact the Chiefs? I personally think seriously. He was a primary outlet guy for a young QB and and was vital in Play-action and other Run-Option stuff they have been doing that give Mahomes clarity in the pocket.


Let’s talk about elite QBs.

I actually haven’t heard this term in years so it must not be a popular topic anymore.


I think it really only existed to allow for discussions on whether or not Joe Flacco qualified, and that appears to be settled.


I don’t see the Hunt situation having much impact this weekend at all against the Raiders. KC will destroy them anyways, with Ware going something like 20-120 with a TD or two. His injury at the start of the 2017 season cost him his starting gig and I think he’ll be anxious to show he can handle it.


Which way did that decision fall? He’s not, right?


Yeah, I wasn’t sure what was going on either. He did kick her at the end, though. It looked she got knocked flying when he bullrushed some other guy and knocked him into her.