The NFL 2018 Season


Flacco is a mediocre to average QB who played at a near-elite level in the playoffs their Super Bowl year. What’s to debate?

I don’t think Hunt assholing himself out of his job affects KC all that much. RB is the most fungible position on the field aside from special teams.


The true question is, will Flacco be able to step up his game and elevate himself into that elite QB territory over the next 5-6 years of his career? There are a million things he hasn’t done, just you wait. Just you wait.


KC has a lot of weapons so I think they’ll find a way.

After Thursday’s game I’m intrigued to see how the Cowboys and Bears finish out the season. They could put a stop to this talk that defense isn’t as important as it used to be.


Dallas looked phenomenal. It was a Parcells-descended equation of (Defense + Gap Scheme Running + Play Action * Complimentary Football) = Championships. Funny how Payton didn’t try more of that.


Yeah, looking back it was weird to see Brees stymied like that because you know he’s an excellent QB. Perhaps that underrated OL in New Orleans had spoiled him most of the season and so he wasn’t recently used to the middle pressure.


So, how soon can Kareem Hunt play for Washington?


The video I saw they had to annotate it with a big arrow to show that he kicked her or I would have missed it.

It looked like the kind of “fights” you see in high schools. Did she press charges? I don’t think she did, but I haven’t been following it. It’s all seems to be about the fact that the video exists.


No, she didn’t press charges, which is one of the reasons it’s taken so long to come to light.


And that he lied to the team about the incident.


It’s all a lot of public shaming which hardly seems productive. I can understand the fans frustration. It should be about accountability or female empowerment, but it’s not. He just goes to a new team and it happens again with another player. It’s like that end of Burn After Reading. So what have learned?


I needed a circle on the video to see Meredith Hunter being stabbed to death by a Hell’s Angel at Altamont. I mean…that’s not a standard of anything.

I mean, if you’re saying “He only kicked her a little bit,” I’m not even sure how to respond to that. It’s almost like a joke thing, like Bluth saying he may have committed some light treason. Jeeeezus.

At any rate, apparently the only investigation that was done was the Chiefs interviewing Hunt, and Hunt saying he did nothing (and perhaps insinuating that he wasn’t involved.) The NFL took that at face value. The league’s “investigation” was to take the Chiefs investigation and file it.


Uh, no. Wrong again, at least for this season.

The Chiefs waited until the NFL placed Kareem Hunt on the exempt list before they released him. By doing that, it ensures that no other NFL team can add him to their roster for the remainder of the season.


So youre saying he wont find a roster spot somewhere next season? Because otherwise his point is still valid, you’re just putting an arbitrary condition on it.


His point, as far as I can tell (and I’m not sure even Tim knows what his point was) is that something something no accountability.

But if you think whatever team signs Kareem Hunt is going to be doing so for any amount of money near what Kareem Hunt was worth based only on on-field performance, well…

And that’s accountability, at least on Kareem Hunt’s part. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a LOT of stories on who knew what, and when they knew it regarding that tape, both between the Chiefs and the League. If neither party saw the tape or had the opportunity to see it (or was made aware it existed), then that’s probably that. But if either entity knew the tape existed and made a conscious decision to not seek it out with some vigor, that’s something else entirely.

At any rate, Ray Rice never again played in the NFL, despite winning his appeal for reinstatement against the Ravens and the league. Kareem Hunt is more likely to play again somewhere, but it may be a good while, and the team that signs him will absorb a pretty decent cost (in both financial terms and perception) to do so.


All I’m going to say is that I’m glad the Bears two road games while missing Trubisky were against the Lions and the Giants.

Because, holy hell, Daniels has been brutal.


And now a fumble…

Edit: the Bears are so clearly the better team, but Daniels has single handedly kept the Giants in this one


Fat man touchdown!!!


I just watched a retrospective about Refrigerator Perry. Good times!


Eli Manning to O.Beckham Jr. on 4th & Goal. Touchdown. The 3-8 team is winning against the 8-3 team.

Nice to see the fan enthusiasm from the home crowd even in the pouring rain.


It’ll be nice to see no more Chase Daniels.

Guy sucks.