The NFL 2018 Season


Man, bad call by the refs to blow a play dead that would have gone for a TD, but still, cardiac Chase is killing me here


This Bears game, what the hell.

Watch that 4th quarter punt by NYG. Jesus, not a break to be found.

Edit: god damn it


The Bears didn’t do their tape prep for Chase Daniel. Er, hm. And the Rams’ offense is playing like it’s a bye week. Also I’m pretty sure Atlanta is actually that bad. And somehow Cam Newton is going to throw 87 interceptions. Arizona is tied with GB at GB with 5 minutes left. It’s a weird, bad day.


On the plus side the Browns are getting smoked, so I got that going for me.


They are. I put up Detroit for the loser bowl this week and I’m thinking about puking.

Edit: It’s not that bad, but it’s too close for me to be comfortable.


Jags pull off the shootout win vs the Colts…6-0. Jeez.


Bears aren’t done yet.


Chase Daniels though. Throw the damn ball!


He did!

May I offer you a horse tranquilizer?


God damn it, what a game.

I still want to alternately throttle and hug Daniels


Holy heck!


And there is the flag.


Overtime…are you sure you don’t want a tranquilizer?



I don’t even know what is happening anymore!


So I wasn’t planning on watching the full game, figured I’d duck it early and climb a mountain.



Fox just turned the Bears game off for me, because something-something NFL rules. Enjoy that, then. I’ll be stuck here watching NE beat up my Vikes.


Breathing intensifies…


Daniels puts the ball on the ground two plays in a row. Aaarrgghhh


If it makes you feel better, it wasn’t a blowout like NE-Min is looking like already.


I mean with Trubisky that game is 100% a win.