The NFL 2018 Season


“Daniel”. ;)

Reuben Foster probably not playing any football this season for the Redskins. To remain on the exempt list pending legal resolution of his situation.


Total offensive yards : Bills: 415 Dolphins: 175.
Points : Bills 17 Dolphins 21.

The Bills are so good at being the Bills.


Meanwhile Brady has a five yard “scamper” against the Vikings to put him at exactly one thousand yards rushing for his career.

The TV crew have a little celebratory vignette ready to go which features Barry Sanders with the tagline “also carried the ball.”

If Brady kneels in the second half to run down the clock he could put himself back beneath 1,000 yards and then we can do this all again next week.


Mike McCarthy finally got shown the door.


They fired him today?


Yep - breaking news right now.

Joe Philbin is interim coach. So I hope Rodgers can kick field goals.


Just saw…Philbin. I laughed out loud.

He’ll hand out powerpoint slides and pick up trash.


C’mon Jeff Fisher to the Packers…


Well that’s about as expected.

So next season Brees retires and we trade Cousins for a third rounder and sign Teddy as a free agent? Perfect, sounds good.


I wouldn’t complain about Teddy coming back at all. Maybe not in that fashion :)


He’ll rest easy tonight knowing that after a decade as a backup, he has earned more than $28 million dollars, and after the NFL will never have to work again.


Good for him. And I say this non sarcastically.

But at least three fumbles (though none lost, but the yards and down had material impact on the game) and two picks, one a pick six, mean I don’t want him to take meaningful snaps for the Bears the rest of the season.


And on the Hunt front…

It appears that the Chiefs attempted to get the video of the Hunt incident. The League told them they’d done enough and to basically drop it…and stop requesting the video from law enforcement.

That’s…not good.


So you’re going to follow me around from thread to thread and pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about so that you can talk shit about me? You did this exact same thing in a different thread a few weeks ago, where you tried to insinuate that I was homophobic. That’s all bullshit and if that’s how you’re going to behave, then I’m going to start calling you on @triggercut. I don’t know why you’ve decided to start needling me like this, but it’s unwelcome and I intend to nip it in the bud.


Three great games of football today. Chicago vs NY Giants was such a wild game, especially after Giants went up by 10 points with about 2 minutes to go.

Then the KC-Oakland game was great because KC wasn’t playing all that well, so it was pretty competitive.

And now after Pittsburgh looked to be running away with it, I stuck with Sunday night football just because of Collinsworth and Michaels. And what do you know? The Chargers just tied the game.


Lol, Pittsburgh. you can’t do that twice.


Yes they can.


Hahahahaha, Pittsburgh went offsides three times in a row on the game-winning game field.


The third time he was so far offside the kick went behind him.

My favourite was #2, when Burns took the ball right in the grill.


That was a weird wacky day of football.