The NFL 2018 Season


What in the world?

I interpreted you to be saying that the punishment leveled by the Chiefs didn’t fit the actions that occurred, based on what you posted here:

And this:

and this:

If that’s a misinterpretation by me, I apologize, but it seems rather apparent how one could be led to that level of understanding of your point, no?

I posted about all of this with the news of Hunt’s dismissal from the Chiefs well before you did, right here, in this thread. No one’s “following you from thread to thread to thread”. Good lord.


We’re now all but finished with 13 weeks of the NFL season, and I still have no idea if Tennessee, Carolina, Indy or Denver are any good or not. Also, I would not want to meet the Seahawks in the playoffs…


@triggercut You’re trying to gaslight me, but I won’t allow it. I’m telling you that you’re following me around from thread to thread, claiming to misunderstand what I’m saying so that you can talk shit about me. The last time you did it, you were trying to insinuate that I was homophobic. In this thread, you start off needling me, and now you’re trying to pretend you didn’t.

None of that’s going to fly with me.

You want to have some back and forth with me, you’re going to have address trying to make me out to be homophobic in the other thread. You’re going to have to address needling me in this thread. Until then, I’m not interested in having a conversation with you about pretty much anything. And, hey, if you decide can’t do any of that, that’s fine too. I’m just letting you know where I stand.


LOL. “Gaslighting” has such a fungible definition nowadays that I’m not even sure it’s worth using. Would accusing someone of “following (you) around from thread to thread” count, when that isn’t remotely the case?

In any event, I’d like to note for the record that:

  1. I didn’t even remember that it was you in that other thread and honestly didn’t even remember that discussion, and
  2. I’m not interested in bringing baggage over from any other thread into this one against forum rules, and

Don’t drag in your baggage from another thread. This can be a tough balancing act, because how we interact is often related to what we know about each other. But dragging down a discussion with an argument you’re hashing out elsewhere or that you had six months ago isn’t welcome. If you’re going to hold grudges, learn to have a polite discussion with someone you might dislike. See the previous rule.

I’m not interested in relitigating something in another thread here, nor am I trying to pull a fast one. Yes, I was both needling you (people do that to one another on this forum from time to time), but in so doing also trying to find out exactly where you were coming from in your previous posts.

Anyway, to bring things back on track, here’s the thing: I personally think it matters little whether Kareem Hunt missed when he kicked the girl, or that what some are interpreting as a hit to her was instead more of a shove or whatever.

And maybe that’s worth discussing. Maybe it isn’t.

I’m also happy that he doesn’t seem to do much, if any physical harm to the girl. And I’m aware that by her words and actions and presence that she appears to have been a major contributor to this situation. I understand all of those things. But in my opinion what he did should’ve gotten him a very stiff punishment, and it now appears that the NFL has yet another PR mess on their hands with regards to physical violence with women and how they investigate/handle that, and that makes for another discussion that may be worth having.

And to get to some football, I’m not sold on Spencer Ware being effective enough against a non-Oakland defense to be enough of a serious threat to plan for; I was hoping for the Chiefs to make a deep playoff run, but I’m not sure that this hasn’t seriously jeopardized that. I hope not!


You were saying?


If you can’t handle a 10 post, 24 hour tangent in a forum thread, you’re at the wrong place


On the Mizzou board I sometimes frequent, there’s been long, yearly discussions about how Chase would be a fine NFL QB if he ever just got the chance. And I think yesterday that NFL talent evaluators and coaching staffs knew exactly what they were doing by keeping CD on various NFL benches for 10 years… Yeesh.

What was really terrible for me to watch about him wasn’t the weird fumbles. It was the lack of touch on deep balls. As Jeremy Maclin and Danario Alexander among others can testify, Chase Daniel used to have beautiful touch and accuracy on deep balls…but that’s just gone, apparently. Those two wide open guys he underthrew in the first half (one leading to Ogletree’s second pick of the day) were just not NFL-quality passes.


Yeah. That was surprising. It’s like he didn’t have the arm strength to hit those long passes - and they were wide open. Trubiskey doesn’t always hit them either (although he’s gotten better as the year has gone on), but if anything, he overthrows them.


Let’s not forget there were also a few near misses on long balls as well, saved by great plays by the receiver.


It’s Dirty Sanchez Time, @Skipper !!


MNF Crew Butfumble references:


Not watching the game. Did McCoy get hurt? I see Sanchez has a pass attempt. If the Sanchize is playing I may have to watch. I can’t miss another butt fumble. Maybe the 'Skins have put in a special play, the butt fumblerooski!


Yes. It is that time, Mark.


So I’m going to come out and say it, Matt Sanchez is the second best NFL quarterback from USC.

Carson Palmer is best, by a country mile.

But boy does New York love drafting So cal quarterbacks.


Current or all-time? I think you are far out on a ledge here. :) I think Rodney Peete and Pat Haden both were head and shoulders over the Sanchise as pros.


All time, and I looked, I’m not far on that ledge at all.

Either that or the search didn’t go back far enough.

But who you got? Pat Hayden? Rob Johnson? Matt Leinart? Matt Barkley??? Paul McDonald?

Rodney Peete is the only one that is even close. He narrowly edged Sanchez for yards, but Sanchez beats him with more TDS and fewer INTs. It’s legitimately close for those two, but the rating and TD/INT ratio of 1:1 give Sanchez the edge.

Do not confuse my declaration with saying Sanchez is good. Merely that USC qbs have been nearly universally awful.


So how does Matt Cassel compare to the Sanchize?

And are we thinking Sam Darnold is headed down Bust Alley?


Oh dang, for some reason he wasn’t coming up in the search. Didn’t even look at him. Might have to give him second place on the list, with potential to be passed by Sanchize in time.


So that’s a broken leg for Colt McCoy, and 'skins fans will get to see more of the Sanchize in the next few weeks.

Unless they sign Kaepernick, of course.


The Sanchize just threw a pick. Not looking good for Washington fans.