The NFL 2018 Season


I’m no fan of Kap’s football ability, but it’s getting ridiculous that a QB with a big arm who can run like a RB doesn’t at least get a look. Yeah, he doesn’t seem to go through his progressions well, but he’s worse than Sanchez?

Does anyone think if hadn’t started kneeling during the anthem that he wouldn’t be on a roster now?


I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride.


Pat Haden! Vince Evans!



Probably not unfathomable when you consider they have gone 138 - 182 in that time-frame. The smaller sample size and the pairings they may have had for MNF may explain the statistical anomaly. A below .500 team that gets a tough matchup on MNF may lose at an even greater rate.


An 18% win rate is still far, far outside the expected win percentage, even for a team with a sub-.500 record.


Not quite unfathomable though in a smaller sample size.


My Redskins: “… hold my beer!”


Guess the guy who gets paid to write about the Redskins for the Washington Post is way off base. Let him know and apply for his job.

I guess I’d also point out that you’re using small sample size to provide weight to your position when it suits, and then dismissing it when it does not. Realize that the Skins overall record in that span has been pretty poor…but also realize that to get an MNF game onto the schedule the league has to have some belief that a team will be reasonably decent, too. After the Greatest Show years faded, the Rams rarely got MNF games until the team relocated. The Bucs rarely get them these days.

Also more context:


Never change, Triggercut. Never change.


I’m just disappointed that the Washington Post guy is falling for the MNF commentator trap of isolating stats just for MNF.

Reminds me of last week when the color commentator was saying Offense is really important in Monday Night Football.

It’s all just so bizarre. You still have to go 10 yards for a first down in Monday Night Football. All the other rules are the same. I guess I could see keeping separate stats if the rules were different. It turns out you’ve always had to go 12 yards for a First Down on Monday Nights folks, so offense is more important.


Since Mark is angry with me, I decided to do the math and see if he was right, because I’m a standup, nice guy. :)

And it turns out, Mark kind of is!

We have to include the entire 1998 season and the partial 2018 season to get the Redskins to 28 MNF games as cited in the tweet, and the record in that span definitely is 5-23.

So the Skins’ record in that time is 144-187, which is a .435 winning percentage.

So then I wondered, what was the record of their MNF opponents in that span? That turns out to have been .589.

That means that for the last 20 years, the Redskins have basically been the MNF equivalent of the Washington Generals, playing the Harlem Globetrotters whenever they get a Monday game.

And as far as I can tell, that win percentage discrepancy suggests that Washington should’ve won about 8-10 games of those 28. Instead they won just 5. Now…that’s pretty bad, and certainly anomalous…but perhaps indeed not necessarily unfathomable given everything else.

Math, and statistics, are cool. :D


You guys left the great Cody Kessler out of the discussion.


There are 0 football reasons to start Mark Sanchez over Colin Kaepernick. The Skins have/had a chance at the post-season this year, and due to whatever reasons, there is a QB out there who just IS better than their QB, but they haven’t signed him or looked at him for whatever reason. Colt McCoy, I can understand, he has been your backup, knows the system etc. But Sanchez was brought in, last playing a Start in 2016, clearly no knowledge of the offense, and he was butt.

Who could have predicted that. They are basically handing Dallas the NFC East.


Sanchez tried to add to his buttfumble portfolio last night with a butt fumble recovery.


Wanted: New QB for Washington Redskins. Must be fearless, and must promise to not spend any time worrying about breaking his leg.


Reason 1: Immediate availability
Reason 2: Cheap

As a Skins fan, you’re being kind saying we had a playoff chance. We had a chance because our division is the lowest of the low hanging fruit. Sure, we led for a bit, especially prior to last week’s loss to the Cowgirls, but we aren’t a playoff level team, despite straddling just that.

I feel like Sanchez was an, “oh shit, do it now,” acquisition. They didn’t want a new QB, just a backup of a backup. And now, here we are. It is what it is.

We’re also fucked for the division playoff spot even before Sanchez took the field, but that’s me being a whiny weathered Redskins fan.


At this point it’s in the Redskins’ best interest to tank. There’s no possible upside to playing well - the amount of injury carnage we’ve suffered has taken its toll and they should start looking to the future.


Gotta agree with Charlatan and @Skipper here, Captain Kaep (@JonRowe). Kaep is head and shoulders above The Dirty. But who wants to hire a controversial and Woke ™ media circus-entourage-having new Captain for the franchise that is now the Titantic already sliding into the deep? Dan “We are now and always will be the Redskins” Snyder?


One reason: who’s your starting QB next year? Is Alex Smith going to play football again? As soon as next season? Got anyone else coming in?

If the Redskins think they’re close to having a playoff team in every way except their QB issues for next season, maybe it makes a little more sense to see what the offense looks like with Kaep running it.