The NFL 2018 Season


Aren’t you his agent? ;). What’s going on in his head?




Concur. :)


Navaronegun always gleefully cops to his inadequacies. It’s why we like him so much.


Thanks Tim. I like you too. I also like it when people quote my own posts to me, agreeing with my points. ;)


You might be having too much fun in this thread then. Someone will need to insult you. 3, 2…


Preach it, brother.

I want an owner that doesn’t meddle, in literally everything.


Speaking of the Redskins, I read today that over the last 27 years, every team except one has won 11 or more games in a year… every team except the Redskins. We are mired in a sea of mediocrity. I looked at their record and they only won 10 games twice in that time period. :(


But we’ve won a few Super Bowls. I’ll take that trade-off.


You just need to bring back Joe Gibbs. IIRC at least one sportswriter opined that he was the greatest coach of all time because he is the only one to have won Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks.


I would put Bill Walsh in that conversation as well, with his system that pretty clearly led to Super Bowl victories by two quarterbacks (even though Steve Young’s was under George Seifert), and continued success (if not a Super Bowl) past that.


Josh Johnson, Spring Chicken


is now backing up the Sanchize in Washington

None of the options is especially promising, but Johnson hasn’t appeared in an NFL game since 2013, and has never won an NFL game in five tries as a starter, four of which came way back in 2009, Johnson’s rookie season. Children who were born in the year of Johnson’s last NFL regular season pass attempt (2011) are driving their second-grade teachers to the bottle with endless and obnoxious Fortnite celebration dances.

We need a quarterback who is more like Mark Sanchez is a very funny excuse for not hiring a quarterback who has always, always, always been better than Mark Sanchez, especially when the alternative is a guy who has had more rushing attempts than passing attempts over the last half-decade.

This is all moot because Washington’s season is over at this point, but love the mental gymastics of not even bringing in Colin Kaepernick for a workout is “We want a backup more like Mark Sanchez”.

Great football decisions all around.

Wait… one more before I go.



I’m guessing Tim Tebow is warming up somewhere and expecting a phone call any day now.


What exactly is Mark Sanchez’s skill set?


So, do you have a multi-year deal as Kaep’s agent, or is it just through 2018?


Buttfumbles. Fantastic nicknames.


Absolutely. I love that man. I’ve been to his racing headquarters down here not far from me as well. When Joe hung up his clipboard (the second time), I was extremely sad. But then I heard that he basically gave up his life to be coach, frequently sleeping and staying at the facility working long hours for months at a time, having his wife tape conversations for him that he would listen to outside of the home. I know there are other hard working coaches, but I was younger when I heard that, and it had an effect on me. A good coach works so much more than we would ever know.


This Kaepernick thing is ridiculous. If you want to argue that in the offseason there are plenty of teams with mediocre or worse QBs who should seriously be considering him and weren’t - at least until they can get a real long term starter - I’d likely agree with you. But midseason you’re going to overpay and absorb a media circus to band-aid your team for half a season that’s probably not going anywhere either way? Absurd.


I mean, what happened the last time a Colin Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith after he was side-lined due to injury?

…checks notes

They went to the Superbowl?

I mean, if you are looking at a guy to take over for Alex Smith…

I mean…


Hey, Foster was only smacking his partner, it’s not like he did something irredeemable like kneel during the national anthem.