The NFL 2018 Season


I mean jesus h crackers

Stuff I didn’t even think about

I mean, the season is over now, and if they were really interested in taking a shot to win the NFC east, they would have at least brought in Kaepernick to work out after Smith went down. It is too late now to save the season.

But this wasn’t ever really about winning games.


I don’t have a horse in this fight, really, but I think, “His former coaches didn’t call him in to work out,” is at least as much evidence in favor of, “There are football reasons,” as for, “They’re all racists.”


Though, I doubt I would think any “football reasons” decided by Jim Tomsula would account as good reasons.

This is the Skins we are talking about.


I feel like I have to err on the side of racism here, at least as much as the front office is concerned.


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True, but Walsh’s QBs were both hall of famers, one of whom is arguably the GOAT. Gibbs won with Joe Theismann, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien.


That’s tough, but not unfair.


That’s fair. Then again, it basically raises the unanswerable question - what would Montana without Walsh (like the current Brady versus Belichek question sports talk likes so much).

Montana is my favorite of all time, but it is arguable that Walsh, Rice, and company made him the hall of famer (or at least were a huge part of it).


Honestly this thread is now becoming the Kaepernick/racism at the Redskins thread. Can we dial it back to football? You are a Packers fan and McCarthy hasn’t even been mentioned. Does Philbin stay as HC or is there a complete housecleaning coming in Green Bay?


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I just asked a question about the Packers. And yesterday, he told me that Kaep talk was getting way OT. But you are right, it is time for me to just move to the Loser Bowl thread to talk NFL football.


I hear they have great fainting couches there, the absolute best!

The Packers suck and likely will suck until they get a DC worth a damn and more than one DB worth a damn. Rodgers isn’t infallible and will only become moreso as he ages, ideally with his delightful personality only getting better as his skills decline.

There ya go ;)


You are keeping me here man. I ain’t gonna faint, I just don’t wanna get a billion notifications and then sift through every job Kaepernick didn’t get and Hotel surveillance angle debates to discuss stuff like the above.

Do they lift and shift the whole system? Get a new HC and staff? McCarthy had a very particular way of running things.

If they keep Philbin they are doomed.


DiFillipo will be available soonest for any Green Bay coaching opportunities!


A friend of mine lived in Wisconsin for a few years, and was strongly of the opinion that they should have canned McCarthy after the Seahawks comeback in the NFC championship game. That wasn’t a popular view in 2015, but I think probably would have been the right one.


I heard that from a few fans. I really got down on that system and way of doing business after seeing what Philbin brought to Miami. But Philbin was also a horrible example of the MCarthy/Green Bay way, as he was a god awful coach, so I didn’t want to judge the whole system on on inept example.


I’ve lived in Wisconsin for almost the entire McCarthy era and that view is more popular than you may think. OK, most folks weren’t ready to fire him after the Seahawks loss, but a whole lot of folks, including me, blamed that loss on him. It was a classic case of losing by playing not to lose. I remember everyone saying after the Super Bowl win that Rodgers would collect several more rings than Favre did and, of course, it hasn’t happened. And the likelihood of it happening shrinks with each passing year, as the young stud QB is now 35. The Pack really needs to turn that whole staff over. And they need to draft better as well.


As someone who has watched the Pack go from Favre to Rodgers while the Bears started… a list that would have me drinking heavily even though it is only 10am… forgive me if I really hope they stay a circus for a few years.


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Can I please direct you to:

You @ messaged me back into the thread to talk about the Skins and Kaepernick. And now you want off the ride? You pulled the lever that started this whole ride.

But now that the Josh Johnson age has dawned on the Washington Football team, I don’t know that we will have much more to discuss, until next season, or if Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson get hurt.


Nice try. But…

You quoted me back that that was over far later here.

But as usual, you had to get 6 or 18 more posts out for your client again, I get it.

We both know that is not the case! The next 3rd string Quarterback who stubs his toe in a Practice Squad run thru will have you on here demanding your client gets a look.

Waiaminnit! What’s that I hear?!?

My spidey sense indicates that Geno Smith is having some indigestion after a hastily gulped lunch over at the Chargers’ Practice Facility…go get ‘em, Jon!

EDIT: For the record, I’d rather have Colin Kaepernick as my backup than Geno Smith. Heck, I’d rather have an 18 year old HS Senior with talent be my backup than Geno Smith. Geno Smith = Muy Mal.


Look, you brought this up, and complain about us talking about it.

You can’t have it both ways my dude.


I am officially not bringing it up. I retract any hints of “bringing-it-upness”.

Tell me your take on the future w/o McCarthy. I really wanna know.