The NFL 2018 Season


No shame! Bears have been ass for years. Enjoy it!

And hey, fuck the Packers anyway ;)


All said and done the Vikes put themselves in real good position today. Now they do have the Lions on the road next week, and the Bears at home to close the season.

Win one of those two and they get to 8 wins. Win both and they guarantee the 6th seed.

Washington, Philly, and Carolina are your competition. Carolina has two games against the Saints. A loss in either puts them at 8 losses, which if the Vikes win one game, means they are eliminated.

Philly has a real tough road. Rams today, Texans next week, Washington on the road to close. That season ended means that, no matter what, one of Washington or Philly will get their 8th loss (unless they tie, dunno what happens if all three finish 8-7-1).

So Washington is their biggest threat for the #6, and they are 7-7 and have Titans on the road, and Iggles at home. So one more win for Minnesota should do it.


I don’t doubt that the Vikings can make the playoffs. It’ll take an act of God for them to win even one playoff game on the road.


So I looked it up. If the Skins and Iggles tie the last week? The Eagles take second in their division due to the week 13 game.

The eagles and Vikings played, and the Vikings won.

So, yeah, a Minnie win or a loss by any of the above teams seals the wild card.


They will beat the Lions. The Lions threw in the towel when they traded Tate away. They are now playing for a draft pick. The Bears will be the big one for them. Cousins will need to be on to beat that defense.


Eh, seeding is likely to be locked for Chicago at that point. Not going to put much of any stick in what they do against second stringers.


Well the Eagles played a nice game against the Rams. Foles showed again he may be the best backup in the NFL. I can’t imagine some team, maybe the 'Skins, won’t go after him after the season is over. The Eagles may feel he’s worth a good contract to keep.

I thought Goff looked spotty in the bit I saw. He threw some nice passes but he tosses some really off-target stuff now and then. I think he may be an average QB in a good offensive scheme with a good offensive coach.


I agree. Mayfield has a remarkable combination of arm strength and accuracy along with the attitude of a riverboat gambler. I especially like that he uses his mobility to buy time to find a receiver instead of pulling the ball down and running like most rookie QBs.


As a Bengals fan, I’m not loving that my team folded like a lawn chair down the stretch after starting 4-1, but I don’t have the hatred for the Browns that I have for the Steelers, so I’m actually happy that Browns fans are finally seeing some success on the field. I know exactly what it is like to suffer through season after season of shitty football. In fact, it’s kind of awesome that as of this morning, 3 of the 4 AFC North teams are still actively in the playoff hunt.

Mayfield is the real deal. If he can stay healthy, the O-line does their job, and the front office can surround him with some more talent over the next couple of drafts…the Browns will become a legitimate threat every season.


Yeah, the offense is one stud wideout and a great tackle away, imho. And yes, Josh Gordon was traded and Joe Thomas retired, but for very different reasons they’d never have worked out here for this season.


And speaking of Josh Gordon, one wonders why he wasn’t on the field at the end of yesterday’s game.


Indeed. Only 2 targets the whole game.


Speaking of disappearing New England players, James White scored 10 TDs in the first 9 games but has exactly 0 TDs in the past 5. The return of Michel and Burkhead from injuries seems to have made White an afterthought. They seem to remember him occasionally late in the game but he was killing it in the first half of the year as one of the focal points of the offense.


Pats look like shit. They probably won’t make it the AFC championship game, let alone the SB.


You think Brady will come back for another season? I read that he debated coming back this season.

If Brady retires I could see Bellichick moving into the GM role and letting someone else coach.


Probably. As long as he can play well I think he’ll keep playing. He loves the sport too much. And he played really well against the Vikings. He’s still got it.

Belichick isn’t going anywhere, either. He loves the game too much to retire.


The saints are going to complete this week of madness and lose this game, aren’t they.

It would fit perfectly.


Fourth quarter and he Saints have 6 points.

I suspect that will change shortly, and I really doubt that Carolina could match at this point, but who knows.

What a garbage game.


The Saints really seem to have taken a downturn in the past three weeks or so. They got it done, but man that was ugly.


Source saying Peterman to be signed by the Raiders.

Definitely a great idea for the Raiders, makes Carr look like Tom Brady by comparison.