The NFL 2018 Season


I’m halfway surprised the Redskins didn’t nab him.


Josh Gordon quit.

Oh, looks like he’s about to be suspended again.


So, on balance, it looks like Cleveland got a pretty good deal in getting that 5th round draft choice from the Pats for Gordon.


Apparently Josh Gordon is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots.


Well, he was. This is news?


Just trying to keep up with the thread. Most of the time it’s just names thrown out without any explanation. I have to do a lot of googling to keep up with you guys, so sometimes I share my newly found knowledge with others who might be too lazy to google, like I am sometimes.


Josh Gordon has thrown away tens of millions of dollars due to his substance abuse problems. Had he stayed clean he’d be one the highest paid WRs in the league. He was arguably the best WR in the NFL before he started circling the toilet.


Got it. I’ll try to include more info in future posts.


Perhaps. He was a great contributor while he was playing. His loss will hurt the Pats, further ensuring they don’t make it to the AFC championship game.


Unfortunately, it was both teams estimating how long it would take Gordon to crash and burn. The deal required him to appear in 10 games for Cleveland to get the draft choice. He made it to 11.


It always amazes me how accurate those over/under oddsmakers are, week after week.


I really want to make a joke about how Josh Gordon is no longer in the NFL and we need to get this thread back on topic.


We could talk about the Dolphins for the rest of the week.


This Redskins-Titans game is amazing. Two shitty football teams trying to prove they aren’t as shitty as the other. A field goal fest.


Oh shit, how could I forget my team is on??!?

And now off. Well, we lost so I don’t feel -as- horrible I didn’t catch it.


Heh. I felt both those sentiments one after the other last week when Kansas City played on Thursday night, and I forgot the game was on, and lost at the last second.

Different topic:


Oh man, I am never not entertained by a 42-yard Hail Mary with two seconds left. Sorry, Lions.


Right! I’m with you there. I guess Cousins was worth it. You won’t get a score like that with an average QB.


I mean, noodle-arm Case could have hucked that jump ball up into the end zone. 6’6" TEs with sticky hands are good to have sometimes.


Both Cousins and the tight end deserve props but to be honest most of the credit goes to the Lions pisspoor defense. There was no one in front of this guy. All of the defenders were to the side or behind him. Still the guy was almost surrounded but no one really contested the catch. They made it the easiest hail mary catch I’ve seen. This is the Lions though. They may go a few years where they look like they are progressing and actually building a contender and then they go completely and inexplicably into the shitter. Worst run franchise in football.