The NFL 2018 Season


The Redskins would like to challenge you for that title.


And the Pats crawl back to the #2 seed. Still think they’re doomed, though. I also think Gronk is done. Bellichik saw it coming last summer.


Boston fans, y’all.


What did he do about it?


Now that Saints-Steelers game was a FUN game to watch.

Plus the added bonus of seeing Rapistburger lose and drop out of the playoff picture. Always worth a watch.


Steelers are still “in the hunt.”


He was looking to trade Gronk, but Gronk threatened to retire.


With a rumor that Brady and Kraft also protected him behind the scenes, much like Kraft protected Brady and forced the Garapolo trade.


Old racists ruin everything.


So Robert Kraft is basically enslaving Gronkowski.


At a bar watching the Seahawks and Chiefs, holy hell this is an good game. The entire bar is cheering.


Grats to Seattle for getting the softest PI call this week to gift them a first and goal. Sheesh.


The Seahawks are playing like the Superbowl winners they once were. A VERY good time to peak for the season.


Man, congratulations to the Seahawks here. They stepped up and owned the Chiefs tonight. Tough game.


It’s going to be an interesting playoff year. There’s so many good teams this year. Just from all the games I’ve personally seen this year, I’d put my money on the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl this year.


If that’s the case then you can say that Oakland hiring Gruden resulted in a Superbowl – for the team they traded Mack to.


Looks like next week schedule has all the games that don’t matter at noon and the rest at 3:25, with the exception of Titans - Colts at 7:20 pm.


That is brilliant.
I am now 10000% on Da Bears Bandwagon.


I mean I’m all for Gruden for NFC coach of the year.

Just look what he did for the Bears and the ‘Boys


There was one or two analysts who were predicting the Seahawks getting the top pick in the draft after the Legion was dismantled. But this team lost Sherman, Chancellor, Bennett, Avril, and (early in the season) Earl Thomas.

Incredible job by Pete Carroll and John Schneider.