The NFL 2018 Season


Wilson made some great throws tonight too. Just put a few passes exactly where they needed to go.


There was one or two analysts who were predicting the Seahawks getting the top pick in the draft after the Legion was dismantled. But this team lost Sherman, Chancellor, Bennett, Avril, and (early in the season) Earl Thomas.

Incredible job by Pete Carroll and John Schneider.


There’s a guy a couple of posts above you said exact same thing!

Just yanking your chain…

Have to say, Seattle looked good last night. Fun game to watch.


im overseas with crappy internet. Half my posts aren’t even going through.


Eagles need a win and need Da Bears to beat the Vikings to squeak in. Go Bears!

On a related note, my wife and daughter next Sunday afternoon are going to see the Nutcracker and I was absolved of parental obligation to join them. Which was perfect, because Eagles-Skins was at 1pm. So I promised them I’d meet then after, around 6, for dinner in town. .

Except they just fucking changed the start time to 4. Fuck me.


So you remember that season a few years ago when the Bears has a chance in week 17 to eliminate the Packers with a win, but Lovie chose to rest most of his staters having already secured the bye?

Remember how the Packers went on to win that Super Bowl?

I remember. Damn you Lovie, I remember. Nagy I am counting on you to learn from history. Remember, you are playing for a potential first round bye and home field in the divisional round playoffs.


Yeah, they have to play their starters even though the chances of the Niners beating the Rams are slim.


Nope, you got a super bowl, Detroit has never appeared in one. But hey you’re still a loser team so no sprinkles for you either!


I don’t know. I mean, Nagy will play the starters until/unless the Rams start blowing out the 49ers. But - between the two teams, you could make the argument for facing the Vikings instead of the Eagles, given that one is a done team and the other doesn’t mind the cold. I also think the Eagles are the better team right now.


Wow, that Raider punt return was something.


I’m glad that my sister arrived yesterday and that family activities precluded me from watching anything but the final play.

While Denver and Oakland/Vegas battle for the rights to the largest dumpster fire over the next few seasons, I’ll be watching the Chicago with the wife. And the Browns. It is time.


I hope Mayfield continues to improve and is the real deal. Cleveland being relevant would be fine, Cleveland spending the next decade stomping on Baltimore’s face would be even better.

It’s time for the 20 year payback.


Amen, brother. I’d be happy to see it start this Sunday, even though it means helping the Steelers into the playoffs.



Win-win for you Browns fans—either you win and have a good chance of knocking the hated Ravens out of the playoffs, or you lose and pretty much knock out the Steelers.


Good point, but a win also means finishing above .500 for the season, which, after the last couple of years, would be remarkable.


Hoo boy, this is shaping up already to be a better day for @CraigM and co than for me and mine. Bears OL just mauling dudes and Kirk being real Cousinsy so far.


Boy that is as unhappy as Minnesotans get. If this keeps up then the crowd may even start swearing.


You be careful there, fella. Could be we won’t bring any bars over to Jenny’s baptism, you don’t straighten up and act right.


Lol, bars? My best guess is chocolate bars (like Hershey’s) but that’s probably only because I grew up in Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s gold bars, but I doubt it. Not for a baptism!

What kind of bars for Minnesota?