The NFL 2018 Season


Oh, jeez no.

Bars are baked, like brownies. But where brownies are essentially cake, bars have generally a cereal base with sweet mixed in and on top of that.

So think of like chocolate covered rice krispie bars, but with other General Mills products as the bottom layer. And an infinite variety of layers depending on whose gramma wrote the recipe down.


Will the last person out please put away the folding chairs?


On topic, I’m so for firing everyone who was involved in making the decision to sign Cousins. What a turd burgler he is. There’s nary a turd left in fucking Minneapolis at this point.


Took Cincy +14. Feeling pretty good about it.


I also took the Bears, and am annoying friends and family by doing terrible “Awhoo” imitations of the Vikings horn thingy for no particular reason when Cousins fails on 4th down conversions.


I knew Cousins could crack the 100 yard mark in passing. Always believe!


AFC North drama…building.


Come on Brownies, winning season on the line!


You hush up.


Tampa fires Dirk Koetter. Koetter will end up as someone’s OC sooner than later.




Ravens advance!


quietly Woo hoo


I’d like to thank the Vikings for once again playing a key role in advancing the eagles toward the Superbowl.


As a Vikings/Ravens person, this was almost the worst day.


Normally, having the rare choice of watching either the wife’s Bears or my Broncos would be at least slightly heated. Not this year.

The Bears are going to be a tough out in the playoffs, looking forward to that.

Having watched Cousins, I guess Denver made the uh… right (least bad?) choice in signing Keenum.

And finally: Dammit Browns! Ah well, at least there is hope in Cleveland now.


One good draft away.


TBF, this is what basically the entire state of Minnesota assumed would happen.

I like Zimmer, but even I wouldn’t be all that fussed if he got booted after continually getting out-coached on gameday by any team with a pulse.

And everyone who had anything to do with this last offseason has got to go.


A pretty damning indictment of what has become of Washington over the last dozen or so years.

When I moved to the DC area back in 2002, the fans here were, if anything, more rabid that Bears fans. Week over week it didn’t matter who the Redskins played, every week felt like Bears vs Green Bay in Chicago.

Now? I’m not sure you can give tickets away.


They played on the road against a team that really wanted the win and came very close. They have a lot of young players who have a season under their belts now. They are on the upswing and the teams in their division are going backwards a bit. I could see Cleveland competing for the division crown next season.