The NFL Protests


See though you’ve got it backward. We’re at the point to today where literal propagandists like Bannon, and conspiracy theory sites like Breitbart and Infowars, are reaching the White House and influencing policy. You’re worried that someone somewhere is going to call someone a Nazi to silence them when we literally have the election of a grossly unqualified man on the crescendo of 30 years of virtually nonsense, propaganda and slander. Sean Hannity has the highest rated cable news show, Fox News posts 2x the numbers of CNN.

And besides Scuzz is talking about college campuses. Should we give Kid Rock a lecture to teach kids about civic virtue, Sean Hannity one to help inform kids about how Everything Wrong In America came from Democrats, maybe invite Vladimir Putin to teach kids about Democracy? We’re seeing firsthand the marketplace of ideas theory doesn’t actually work. You can’t expect every single fact to be fact checked as a matter of course. Lies and propaganda repeated have an anchoring effect. The outsized influence of Facebook memes on this election only proves that.

There should be a threshold where you simply don’t have to contest point by point but toss the speaker and their unfounded ideas out the door. If not, good luck convincing religious people the world is more than 5,000 years old and evolution is real as you spend the rest of your life arguing point by point against a tidal wave of anti-scientific nonsense. You don’t expect universities to sponsor lectures on how the moon landings were faked or that the Grand Canyon was carved by the hand of god. It is possible to say certain ideas are beyond the pale. Once you admit that, all you need to do then is argue where to draw the line. If for some reason you still think “well, genocide is bad but let’s hear what they have to say out of principle” you also get to listen to why essential oils are a great idea, vaccines kill kids, the earth is flat and chemtrails made you vote for Obama.


So apparently during Trump’s interview with Hannity, the day ended so they played Retreat, followed by To the Colors, and neither of them stood for it.

Because of course they didn’t.


Thankyou, this put it way better than I could, because I got too angry with people.

The real enemy of most of the posters here appears to be not fascists, but classical liberals. Funny that.


I bet somewhere someone is protesting a college’s choice of commencement speaker and therefore taking away their inalienable right to be paid to speak at any venue of their choice with no disagreement!


Meanwhile Trump sits and makes jokes during Retreat

What is Retreat?
“The ceremony serves two purposes – to signal the end of the duty day and pay respect to the nation’s flag. ”


I believe that it’s not retreat that you stand for. It’s what they play immediately after it. While he’s talking there, they are playing “To the Colors”, which is supposed to be given the same recognition that the national anthem is.

That is, you’re supposed to turn and face the flag, and either salute or place your hand on your heart.

So yeah, this guy who is saying that it’s the most important thing ever to have folks stand during NFL games during the anthem, is sitting and making jokes during “To the Colors”, which is the same thing… of course, he has no idea that this is the case, because TRUMP KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING.


This is obvious to anybody that’s been on a military base because everything stops when they play retreat. If you are driving, you stop and pull over. If you are walking you stop and face the flag and salute if in uniform. Not just military members, not just people in uniform, everybody within earshot.


Ditka thinks a bit harder.

I want to clarify statements that I made in an interview with Jim Gray last night. The characterization of the statement that I made does not reflect the context of the question that I was answering and certainly does not reflect my views throughout my lifetime. I have absolutely seen oppression in society in the last 100 years and I am completely intolerant of any discrimination. The interview was about the NFL and the related issues. That’s where my head was at.


Glad he clarified that, as he sounds like 15% less insane.

But he is completely missing the point. The protest is not about discrimination in football (which exists by the way, how many black coaches are there?) but about police violence on black Americans who don’t have the public attention to be heard.

What a buffoon.


So everyone you disagree with is a Nazi now. Ann Coulter is a Nazi now, Ben Shapiro, Milo Whateverhisnameis is a Nazi. And you get to decide who they are and whether they are worthy of free speech.

That is my only point. And I believe it is a slippery slope. Read the posts on this forum. How many people worry that Trump will be able to do this or that and that it will lead to something worse? There is a lot of that here. Well, I don’t want the far left doing it either.


Well, again, it helps that leftists are good people.


Milo was literally filmed singing on stage with Nazis doing Nazi salutes.
So, yeah, he’s LITERALLY a Nazi dude.


In total day, Fox News led with 1.47 million total viewers, up 27% from the same period last year. Of those, 314,000 fell in the adults 25-54 demographic, up 46% from last year. MSNBC was second in total viewers with 886,000, up 73%. MSNBC was third in total day in the demo, however, with 206,000 for an increase of 57%. CNN was third in total viewers with 788,000 for an increase of 25%, but second in the demo with 262,000 (up 39%).

Combine MSNBC and CNN and the viewership outnimbers Fox.


Well, I figured Milo was the weak link in that group of weak links. :)


So anyway…back to the NFL. I saw last night that Goodell wants to meet with the players union to come up with a compromise. They should have thought of that in July.


I actually at one time supported letting Milo speak at these things. He at first glance seems a well spoken antagonist. It’s clear imo that he’s just doing an act, and that his views on other subjects raise a question on the legitimacy of his political persona.

He’s doing the Oxford educated version of asking “Have you stopped beating your wife?”.

Realizing that political actors like Sean Hannity and Milo are legitimized by allowing them platforms in formerly respectable venues is an important factor in my accepting limitations on public speakers.


That is the conclusion I came to as well. Milo just said what would sell to the crowd he wanted it to sell to. His 15 minutes is pretty much over.


This was in the letter /memo from the other day, but most places chose not to mention that when they pulled the (paraphrasing) we think players should stand remark completely out of context.


Meanwhile a filthy liberal:


I feel like you aren’t arguing in good faith here, because this isn’t even close to anything I’ve said so far.