The NFL Protests


Not to mention stadiums.


The stadium one straight up makes me mad. They should pay for it, straight up. Public money to provide private profits.


Teams that don’t own their stadium generally do pay rent to the owner.


Heh, German Bundesliga today…

(Note: it was the symbolic gesture of taking the knee. The German anthem does not get played prior league matches.)


Respecting the military, it’s a core ethos for trumpublicans.



Hearing people who would sell out their mothers to avoid a mild inconvenience talk about someone who signed up for extra torture is… interesting.


Selling out your country doesn’t count, of course


Maybe it’s nothing. Have to think if this was purely symbolic he’d have done it a while back though. I hear there’re a couple teams who need QBs after this week too.



I couldn’t finish that recording. It’s extremely bad, like this woman shouldn’t ever have a gun kind of bad. Also, she claims to have been a probation officer at some point… everyone case she touched needs to be reviewed, yesterday.


Hopefully people find out who she is, and this follows her forever. That is the sort of thing where someone’s live deserves to be ruined, especially as given her job she has ruined other lives unfairly in return.


Holy crap that recording is insane. This is a probation officer? WOW. So much hate that just went on and on and on, she sounds so unstable that I would quite honestly be worried if I were the guy she called. Can you even file for a protection order against a probation officer?


Sure. If she’s not your probation officer.


Well I guess I could have expanded that to say, against anyone in law enforcement. Aren’t probation officers still cops?


I’m pretty sure that a protection order could not stop a law enforcement office from doing their job. OTOH it would stop them from dropping by for a casual visit.


One would hope that the granting of a protection order against a law enforcement officer would cause them to cease being a law enforcement officer.


Never considered that. Good point.


Basically… it might do something, but probably not because cops are special. It might even get you killed as has happened in the past.



Some citizens treat the flag like the Giving Tree. After they’ve chopped it down to build a boat out of it, they’ll plant their ass on the stump.