The NFL Protests


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the asses of Jets fans.


As mentioned on Reddit, the biggest crime in that picture is drinking beer with a straw.


It’s like he thinks it’s a security blanket. Disgusting.



Why can’t they keep politics outta mah football?


It’s gonna be interesting to see Trump and his braindead racist followers react to the NFL action there.


They’ll bitch about it and keep watching because football and their team matters more to them than their nation, their rights or their children.


What else are they gonna do on Sundays? Go to church?



The fact that she has a job and is actually paid to deliver her inane ignorant bullshit to the Fox audience should be a crime against humanity.


Journalist too lazy to actually ask players, would rather ponder about asking them on live TV.



You forget, she works for Fox. She is no journalist.


No, that is not her job; she is a professional panderer.


During a closed-door meeting among NFL team owners and executives, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair made a stunningly inappropriate analogy about allowing players to kneel during the national anthem. “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” said McNair, a multimillion-dollar Trump campaign contributor, according to an ESPN report about the conference.


Whew, glad he clarified that!!


Conservatives are crowing all over Facebook the past 24 hours about this article on former Steelers player and Vietnam veteran Rocky Bleier’s comments regarding the anthem protests. In essence, he says : “You’re at work, getting paid. People in offices working and getting paid can’t protest while they’re there, so neither should NFL players.”

This is a common attitude among those opposed to the anthem protest. I’ve had multiple people throw this at me today (knowing I support the players’ right to kneel). My response all day has been "That’s a very valid argument. I would support it if we then applied it fairly to everyone, meaning that the county clerk lady has to issue marriage licenses for gay couples or get immediately fired, and bakers, photographers and DJs have to book gay weddings and parties without protesting that such events are “against their religious beliefs”, and store clerks and wait staff have to serve gay, black, Muslim and Latino people with the same smiling service they give to everyone else, because they’re all fucking working and getting paid, so they should leave their personal shit at home!


It would also be illegal to force employees to stand for the anthem, were it to be played at everyone’s work.


You might also point out that employees are not slaves. If my boss wanted me to stand up and/or join in while everyone sings Happy Birthday for him, I would be inclined to remind him that it’s not in my job description.


funny aside - I worked at a place which did company contests all the time. I felt they were silly - I worked hard because I liked my job and had integrity, and didn’t feel any additional inspiration from getting gift cards or what not and actually felt like we were being treated like children. So I did my job, did it well, and just never put my name in the jar for the contests.

Other people won, I congratulated them, and time moved on. At the end of the year when it was time for reviews, I was top notch aside from one category (iirc, it was leadership and teamwork), where I was middling. I wondered why, as I regularly assisted my team, led discussions and projects, etc… It was my lack of participation in contests. I was pissed as this directly impacted my pay, but I chalked it up to a learning experience.

I wound up with a different manager the next year, and he also felt the whole contest thing was out of hand. However, HIS manager always asked about who participated, and that’s apparently where I took the hit. So we made a deal; I’d do ONE item in any given contest just so he wouldn’t have to lie, and then I could ignore it the rest of the way.

Corporate America is stupid.


And of course, if someone is not meeting some sort of expectation, the end of the year review should never be the first time they hear about it. I hear that spoken time and time again, but often times managers are not selected because of their management abilities.