The NFL Protests


So sad and so very, very true.


Certainly true in my case! Hopefully I’m not terrible at it though.


Well of course you can learn to be a good manager, but you have to learn it. It’s right up there when you get a team to interview someone and they ask an illegal question… it would be nice if HR at least sent out a list to people who don’t normally interview what to ask. There’s an assumption that everyone knows how to interview and also how to manage. The don’t wait until the end of the year to tell someone they need to and how to improve I feel is one of those things everyone assumes everyone else just knows instead of, you know teach them and then hold them accountable to that expectation.


Why stand on a silent platform?
Fight the war, fuck the norm

Their jobs consisted of millions of people watching them, so more power to them to risk it in order to use it as a means for positive change in the world. Even people in offices shouldn’t check their morality at the door, it is just such work-place actions would be much more quixotic.

When ignorance reigns, life is lost…


Houston Texans players are planning to protest as a unit before Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks in the wake of team owner Bob McNair’s controversial “inmates running the prison” comment, a league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Texans held a players meeting Saturday in Seattle to decide how to handle Sunday after McNair’s comments surfaced, the source said.




So it is a big surprise that pizza companies can be run by liberals and conservatives. Who knew?

To be honest, I wouldn’t touch a pizza made by either company.


Never had Little Caesars. Papa John’s sauce is sweet enough to be used as a cake frosting. So no more of that either.


I’ve had both and find each to be uninspiring. But it’s pizza and I’ll eat pretty much any (vegetarian) pizza placed in front of me. Well, unless there’s a swastika made out of green peppers or something


Little Caesars is good for what it is, which is super cheap pizza. I’d probably take it over most of the other chain places.


Well, truth is I probably would eat any free pizza. But if I am going out for pizza I wouldn’t grab anything from either place.



And don’t forget, Ilitch got more than enough free taxpayer money in stadium subsidies to more than make up for a few rent checks.


I’ve eaten frozen, store brand pizza that I liked better than Papa John’s. YMMV


One of my girlfriends calls Little Caesars Little Heavers. I haven’t asked her if there are frozen pizzas she prefers over Little Caesars, but I assume there are many.


I actually like Pizza Hut, I know, shoot me. Far too many of my friends love Papa John’s. It’s too sweet for me and I hate the flipping fact it’s served with garlic butter oil stuff just to make it more palatable.

Politically though, fuck the Papa John’s owner. Just another rich asshole asserting his shit into too many places it doesn’t belong.


I love Domino’s. If you pick it up in store, they usually have specials, like a 2-topping medium pizza for $5. We can seriously get two days worth of food for the whole family for $20.

I mean, it’s fattening and loaded with carbs, but, delicious.


I will shamelessly admit I like most national chain pizzas. Now that doesn’t mean I go out of my way to get it (I have favorite local places) but if a group of us decides to go to Pizza Hut, for example, I won’t whine about it. Because almost any pizza is delicious!

Also, in the house I used to live in (for almost 30 years) the only nearby pizza place that would deliver to us was Papa John’s (we were right on the edge of the delivery zone for the nearby town). So if we ever wanted pizza delivered, it was that or nothing. So I ate my share of Papa Johns pizza back then.


I believe that there is a low bar for decent edible Pizza. Me, if I need pizza fast, it’s likely Little Caesars. Otherwise, there just isn’t any reason not to buy a frozen pizza for less, or go out to the local place for some above average pizza (sadly, moving from NJ to south central PA has made me realize that the best I can do in this area is above average pizza).

The bottom line is that all pizza is essential good, in that it is tasty, full of fats and carbs, and I can eat it all day long.


I still can’t believe that the NFL hasn’t just let teams stay inside the locker room until after the anthem.

It’s totally a normal thing, too. I was at a Pac-12 game last weekend, and the teams emerged after the anthem, as they’ve done for years and years.