The NFL Protests


They are already bedfellows with the armed forces, so the song and dance of the national anthem and presenting of the flag has now become embedded (intentional pun) into the game itself. Sure, they could hold players from being on the field, but I just don’t see the NFL backing down from that at this point.

I agree with you, though, it might be a way to address things. I just don’t know how each side would react to that.


Yeah, but it turned out that the military was quietly paying for that stuff to happen. They’re not anymore.

Traditions are made and broken all the time.

The players aren’t going to back down. The wise thing would be to diffuse it.


DiGiorno makes some decent frozen pizzas with various crust styles, and they’re usually the same $5 at the grocery store that you’d pay Little Caesar’s or Dominos for pickup. The best pizza is always from local shops though, I’ve found that to be true no matter where I’ve lived or travelled.

I like how the narrative seems to be that only God-fearing Patriotic Conservatives enjoy football, so the league and the owners should take a position that aligns with that particular group of people. This is stupid, as I am a socially liberal person who loves football, as are a ton of people I know, even here in my conservative city. Pissing off customers is NEVER a good idea for a business, and at the end of the day football is a business. Not only that, but unlike most businesses, football also depends on taxpaying voters for things like new stadiums. Owners who decide to go Full Conservatard should consider the effect it will have the next time a stadium referendum is on the ballot. You’ll have lost a good portion of liberal support, and you won’t be replacing it with conservative support because they won’t care that you supported their narrative in the Great Kneeling Debate of 2017, they’ll just see “$150 more per year in taxes” and still vote NO.


I love that when I see new posts on this thread lately, it’s a mystery – Will it be a post about the NFL protests? Or a post about pizza?

(Not being facetious or snarky – I really do love when threads are temporarily derailed)


The vocal minority, in my opinion. I would think the majority don’t care but just don’t voice an opinion as loud as obnoxious strumpets.

A pizza derail is the best derail. Seriously, now I want pizza tonight.


Houston and Carolina are providing perfect natural experiments to test this hypothesis.


Houston has new baseball and football stadiums. I couldn’t even tell you were Carolina plays.

Did voters reject a new stadium in St. Louis leading to the Rams moving? I know Oakland never even asked for a vote on a new stadium for the Raiders, so they are moving to Las Vegas which didn’t vote either I think.

I also don’t think LA voted for the new stadium being built there.


True story about Papa Johns garlic sauce.

My freshman year of college I poured the extra garlic sauce out my window so it wouldn’t stink up my room in the garbage can. 4 years later, the greasy sludge on the concrete outside was still there. Rain, snow, squirrels, nothing could remove it.



I’d be more worried about that garlic sauce’s effect on my health if it, ahem, stayed in my system for more than 20 minutes or so.


It’s still there. The Post Papas Purge is all the healthy tissue being expunged from your body to make room for the garlic sauce.

The upside is if you cover your face in garlic sauce you will never visibly age.


NRG Stadium in Houston is 43% public financed and there was a public vote on the tax issue that provided the bulk of that.

Las Vegas passed the buck from residents to tourists, simply tacking on an additional percentage to the occupancy tax for hotels/resorts to pay for the stadium.

City of Champions Stadium in L.A, is 100% private financed because the people of Los Angeles basically said “no way” to any tax increases to finance the project. Instead the developers are creating a mixed use development that includes the stadium (where both the Rams and Chargers will play), a 6,000 seat performing arts center, a hotel, dining and retail center, office space (including the NFL Network’s new home) and eventually condos on site (can you imagine what those will cost?!). The plan is to hold the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft in the complex as well.

I mean, on paper this thing sounds like the 8th Wonder of the World…but in reality when it opens in 2020, we’ll see. The public is on the hooks for tens of millions of dollars each year for maintenance costs, but that’s expected with any such venture and will be paid from the city’s share of the revenue stream. Of all the stadium deals in recent memory, Los Angeles seems to have landed the biggest winner.

Check out Stadiums of Pro Football to see how good or bad of a deal your hometown is getting on their stadium. Just don’t look up Cincinnati, as my town somehow got fleeced into paying for 95% of the stadium which we then “lease” to the Bengals on a ridiculous sweetheart deal for them. Since 1996 we’ve had a 0.5% extra tick on our sales tax to pay for the place, and even that hasn’t been enough, so now there is talk of raising additional money through taxation somehow. Fucking Bengals, punching their fans in the nuts on and off the field for 50 years.


I still remember the women’s soccer league once rushing the anthem while the players were in the locker just to keep one of them from kneeling.





In New England we got Papa Gino’s as a chain, which is superior to Papa John’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut etc.


I haven’t had any in about 15 years, it was pretty good then. Did something terrible happen?


If you’re talking about Papa John’s, then no, it still tastes the same. And that in itself is a problem. Domino’s revamped about 10 years ago now, and admitted they used to be terrible. They’re way better now. Pizza Hut did the same about two years ago, I think. They’re much improved as well. Papa John’s still tastes the same now as they did back in 1993, when I first tried it. For better or for worse. If you really liked it great, it’s still the same. If you like all the improvements made by the other two big chains, then you’ll think Papa John’s is well behind the other big two now.


Ah bummer. The only chain we have here is Pizza Hut, which is fine, but you can only be stuck with one thing for so long :)


Great article by Stephen Curry. Everyone go read it. But in case you can’t for some reason, the ending sums it up nicely: