The NFL Protests


I believe that the story about Marshawn Lynch was wrong anyway.



Take a seat. Take a knee. Take a stand!


Is comparing Rosa Parks to a bunch of wealthy guys playing a sport really where you want this to go?


Yup. It all starts somewhere.

I don’t see them as a bunch of wealthy guys playing a sport. I see them as folks standing up for their rights.


Bad optics, poor logic, and really not the same thing.

Rich NFL players give up nothing to take a knee. Nothing. Say that about Rosa Parks.


One of them seems to have given up his means of making a living.


You do realize that rich black people still face racism right? It’s not about money.


Nothing to do with money.

But Rosa Parks risked arrest and possibly worse doing what she did…the football players risked what? A mean tweet from Trump, being booed by the crowd. They knew they wouldn’t be fired, maybe fined.

The comparison is species at best. It reduces what Park did to taking a knee on an NFL sideline.


It is ridiculous to suggest that a black man in the NFL cannot make a statement or attest to the wrongs of other black people. It has NOTHING to do with money. And let’s keep in mind, how many of those players grew up rich exactly, do you have a stat for that? They know what it is like and a racist cop does not give a shit whether that black person has money or not. They will still kill you because they don’t treat you like you’re human.


Rosa Parks was not just some woman who was tired and sat down. She was an organized protestor with the backing of a serious political and civil rights organization which had her back the whole time and her actions were deliberate and intended specifically to incite. What she did was phenomenal, but others helped her.

Where does it start, where does it end? I think the NFL players, who are mostly from poor backgrounds and are now paid well, are risking a lot more than Rosa Parks. They are risking their career, their job, and the hopes and dreams of their families. One of them has already been blackballed so the threat is very real.


Yeah, if you have a job that pays a certain amount you give up all rights to have opinions, stand up to injustice and generally make the world a better place. Kaepernick was only able to do what he did because he knew there would be no repercussions.

More seriously, screw that bullshit. EVERYONE can stand against injustice. Those criticizing sports figures, celebrities, wealthy or the famous for doing so are usually pre-dis-positioned against the message in the first place. Colin Kaepernick is a hero. So was Tommie Smith and John Carlos, so was Mohammad Ali.


Standing up for weak, oppressed people when you yourself are rich and powerful is an admirable thing.

The cowardly path is pretending everything is fine, just because things are fine for you.



You are completely missing the point.

In your mind are the actions of the NFL players equal to the actions of Rosa Parks. Did it take the same courage to do what they have done? Did they run the same risks?
Other than Kaepernick the obvious answer is no and even he didn’t face the same dangers she did.

Don’t get stuck on the money. Don’t follow the money. :)

Has any player (aside from kaepernick) lost his job? Has any player even been fined? Has any player been suspended or put on double secret probation. I applaud their efforts and I agree with their cause but their actions are not analagous to Park’s actions.

These players have a union, they are, for the most part, not replaceable in their jobs on short notice, they bring in money for their owners. They knew all that before they started. It doesn’t mean they did what they did because of it but they didn’t have to fear losing their jobs because of it.


Hopefully someone will be along soon to tell us when it’s acceptable for black people to register their discontent with the status quo.


Yea…that’s exactly what I said. Thanks for making shit up.


Maybe Kaepernick is the only one so far who has lost out on work. But I do believe that others who have spoken out so far have faced threats.

The NFL?

“Niggers for life,” Schilling said.

“For life,” McCabe added.


Here’s the point: so fucking what?

Why does any of that matter? Anyone doing anything against racial injustice is good. Anyone trying to diminish another’s actions against racial injustice is bad.


Okay, so NFL players are today’s Rosa Parks. Does that make Kaepernick today’s MLK?