The NFL Protests


Why in the world are you arguing this? Seems an awfully suspect hill to want to die on. So no action should be taken unless it is of the magnitude or scope of Rosa Parks or MLK?


White people telling black people how they should protest is part of the problem.


Rosa Parks is Rosa Parks. MLK is MLK. NFL players are NFL players.

NFL players are inspired by Rosa Parks, and they set an example that honors her memory. If she were alive then I think she would probably approve of the NFL protests.

Seems pretty simple to me.


“The young people kneeling today are following a long tradition. #TakeAKnee #Goodtrouble.”


I know who Lewis is. He got the crap beat out of him early in the 60’s down south. I have a lot of respect for him. And I still say what people like him and Parks risked is so much more than what the NFL guys are risking today that trying to compare them is apples and oranges.

But I guess nobody here wants to read that. Nowhere in my posts will you find where I have said a bad thing about the NFL players or anything they have done. Re-read them and then tell me where I said such a thing.

So many posts saying I am telling them what to do (where did I do that) or complaining about what they have done (where did I do that). I think half you guys never read my posts.

But it’s 5 pm here and I am headed out the door. Home to a cold one and some grilled salmon. Have a nice weekend.


He risked everything. His career. His safety. His happiness. His easy life to sit and then kneel, and all you can say is he’s not Rosaa parks? All you can say is he’s rich so what exactly, he doesn’t know, he doesn’t see, he doesn’t feel?

You’re stuck on the money. He gets nothing for what he has done but a more complicated life for doing what he feels is right in front of a lot of people who refuse to understand why. They’re black Scuzz. It’s not about their job. They put a target on their back by saying enough, and they did it in a way where some of their fans would pull the trigger. Yes, they are courageous for doing that.

And the people that support them, who kneel with them, they’re courageous too, regardless of their color or sex or views. What they’re doing is not easy and hell yes it’s something.


It’s not a competition, Scuzz. They can all be heroes.


The $500k of tax payer money will return dividends later in the form of $50m in private campaign donations.


Well said. QFT


Just a couple little factoids about the NFL players to add to the discussion: we typically picture these guys as set for life because sports pays so very much $$ to these folks.

But that’s not really true for the vast majority of the guys taking a knee.

Median NFL salary: $770K/year

Average NFL career: 3.5 years.

Pension: $450/month per full year played (age 55+)


We truly live in the dumbest time.


Love the ACLU Fightin’ Counselors! Going all the way next year.


The ACLU Fighting Counselors, they may lose in the locker room but they will win in the court room.


So sort of the opposite of the Patriots?

Edit: clever footsball reference or telling jab at conservative views of the ACLU? YOU DECIDE


I guess so. Damn example that the “cheaters never prosper” saying isn’t true. :)


So it’s OK to not stand as a form of protest during a sporting event. :-)


But it is patriotic to not stand during the national anthem of you mortal enemy.


Democrats? I think we have the same anthem…


The team includes South Koreans, who are our allies and hosts. In fact, the South Korean president stood and cheered the team as Pence sat.


I wondered whether when the “Korean” team played if they used both national anthems. If so did Pence only sit for the one? I have watched maybe 15 minutes of the Olympics so far.