The nForce2. Anyone getting this motherboard?

Here’s a review from GamePC:

This board looks frekin very good. Onboard 5.1 audio that rivals Creatives Audigy 2, nVidia Dual Channel DDR-400, Agp pro 8x, firewire, 2.0 usb ports and so on.

I just recently bought the Gigabyte KT400, but I’m seriously thinking about selling this mobo and purchasing the nForce 2. Plus with dual channel memory, I just need to add another 512mb 400 ddr chip to obtain the dual channel benefits that this board will give me.

So is anyone planning on getting the nForce 2?

Uh, needless to say, yes.

A few of us already have Nforce2-based boards and have been discussing them in the “Everything Else” room. Needless to say, they kick ass. Plus, the word is that they easily scale up to the 400MHz FSB spec (with a BIOS update), so when the Ahtlon XP Barton’s come out next year, you’ll be set. Anandtech reports that at Comdex, AMD was running early Barton’s on an Nforce2.

For more Nforce2 discussions, look under the “System Benchmarks” thread, the “Heads up, hardware geeks…” thread, and the “System Recommendations for Video Editing” thread.

Hey thanks Xp…