The Nintendo 3DS is getting a nub


Nintendo has announced new versions of the their handheld systems. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL (known as the XL in the West) will get upgraded processors, A-B-X-Y buttons re-colored to match the traditional SNES console, ZR and LR shoulder buttons like the Wii U, and a cute little analog nub added just above the face buttons that will work like another directional control. The revised systems will also feature NFC technology to read the recently announced Amiibo figures. Nintendo claims that the improved systems will also sport reduced blur when using the 3D feature.

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Also, portable Xenoblade. I wonder what that will look like.

Is Nintendo inviting more brand confusion if new games are exclusive to the "New 3DS"? If the transition from the Wii and Wii U caused confusion, I imagine this new system will too.

"of the their handheld systems"


I'm buying it.


So I managed to preorder one of the $99 New 3DS units from Walmart on Black Friday and it’s finally getting delivered this week. I had one of the old DS but sold it off years ago. What are the must have games these days? I picked up the latest Fire Emblem but I was also looking at one of the Zelda titles.


Try here.

EDIT Oh, haha, you are the one that made that thread! Sorry, this thread just floated to the top of my list for some reason. Happens to me every time when it’s a Front Page thread, for whatever reason.