The Nintendo... Wii? W-T-F?

So Nintendo has decided to call their new console the… Wii (and believe me, I can hardly type that without laughing), thus trading what was perhaps the coolest game console name ever for what is, BY FAR, the lamest.


Better video:


oof. That’s ridiculous.

I don’t care what the site says, I’ll be pronouncing it as “why”. I will not go up to a clerk and ask “Hey, do you have any of those Nintendo sigh 'wee’s in stock?”

On further thought… does Nintendo not have a marketing department? Focus testing didn’t tell you that “wii” is not, in fact, a good name?

Sometimes market research is just plain wrong. No matter how positive your focus group, no matter what the survey results say, you can get a baaaaaaad sample.

And Nintendo got a bad sample.

I’m going to be calling it the “Nintendo Whyy”, as in “Whyy did they choose such a stupid, stupid name.”

It’s 26 days too late for this joke, my friends.

Please say this is a joke.

A reply to this escapes me completely.

“Revolution” has always been a codename, but I didn’t know they were going to call it “Wii”. Honestly.

Okay, that’s gotta be a joke. May as well call it The Shaft, or something equally stupid… then again, X2 almost got released as X2: The Khaak Threat, and only a last second intervention stopped that (and I believe the VO in X3 has people calling them the Cock, so who knows what’s possible).

I guess they were feeling like they had too much of a chance of selling a lot of them. Sigh.

After reading their explanation, I feel a little bit better. But you know, it’s kind of classic Nintendo marketing in a way. It’s like they sat down and came up with all these things they wanted the name to express, and when you look at it in that light, it really makes sense. It does everything they set out to do. The 'i’s really do look like people playing the machine together, and the controller. Pronouncing it like “we” definitely does convey the sense of unity that they’re trying to foster, and the fact that it doesn’t need an abbreviation is just cool.

But in the end, when someone who doesn’t really care about all that sees the name of the console… it’s “Wii.” :(

I guess gone are the magazine covers with a Marxist fist holding up the cool new controller. Man, the marketing on that one sold itself.

It’s genius. It can’t be abbreviated, but you’ll wish that it could!

“Hey, want to come over and play with my Wii?”

People who have been calling the Revmote a “waggle-stick” are going to LOVE this!

Yeah, but it should have been the final name. Seriously.

Almost as bad as its ridiculously twee pronunciation is the impenetrable look of the word itself. Unless a Ninentendo representative is shipped with each store’s allotment to explain to shoppers how to say the name (nevermind what the fuck it means), I predict consumer reaction will be less “Wow!” and more “Huh?”

Double-U Eye Eye?
And, of course, puzzlement will change to distaste once the correct pronunciation is revealed. Fantastic marketing choice.

That site sounds like the exact reason why you don’t let marketing people make decisions. Reading that text is a real groaner.

And really, who lets people name their console a euphemism for urine?

Please let this be wrong…

The GAF forums seem to have just gone down. GAF am explode!

Want some wee? 'Course ya do!

Sure that can happen, but at some point doesn’t somebody with decision making power say “Wait a second, I don’t care what marketing says, this sets off alarm bells”?

I guess that’s what happens when your board of directors have another name… “Great Grandfathers”