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Southern Poverty Law Center is a political tool, and my primary opposition to them is labeling people as Islamophobes who clearly are not. Such as Ayaan hirsi ali, who is Muslim; Maajid Nawaz (who is suing SPLC); Sam Harris, etc. They simply have no credibility. They have jumped the shark of liberal hysteria, sort of like some people here. They slander people, which is reprehensible.

Here are some good resources on SPLC, from Politico and NR:


Saying that the SPLC had no credibility, especially when using a source that describes them as, “a civil rights stalwart” is kind of absurd.

If they overstepped in a few cases, that doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of the folks they fight against are in fact terrible, terrible people.


When they slander multiple Muslims as Islamophobic, which is a serious charge, they lose credibility. I know people here love to throw out terms like “racist” and “white nationalist,” because it’s the internet and they’re anonymous and angry, but responsible organizations don’t do it. Period.

Wanted to add this from the Politico piece:


Muslims can in fact be islamophobic, just like a Jew can be anti-Semitic.

Racists deserve to be called racists.


Let’s not forget the book that gman suggested we all pick up, written by a noted Islamophobe.


Yeah, yeah really. He doesn’t have the KKK etched on his forehead but his obsession with race, like trying to preserve white culture. White culture isn’t even really a term.

Well try to get him to explain to you about white culture, what he thinks he’s preserving, he can’t really do it because it’s a made up white nationalist term. Then ask him why two black men, not the same age, height, weight or even wearing the same clothes just all look alike. When he’s done with that, ask him why he thinks black people “appropiate” African culture, and of course it’s “fun” to have him try to explain what the culture of an entire continent, which it actually is, is. Oh and then he’ll go on and on about black nationalists which is mostly a term that was in the 50 and 60s (hint black nationalism and white nationalism, nothing alike) what else was raging during that time… white nationalism again. It’s been a bit since he talked about Asians, yeah, literally Asians, like taking the entire continent of Asia and just lumping them into a group to give them some sort of nationalism label and asking why only whites get signaled out… hmm, wonder why. Did I forget about the white babies, or was it just white women having babies or white birthrates… keyword, white.

And that was before he tried to get me to answer a bunch of I’ve got you questions only for black people from whatever werirdo handbook he’s reading post.

It has been two seconds since he called someone an asshole and then decided everyone else is being mean too.

It’s just so bizarre, and very, very racist.


The reference to “white culture” was indeed kind of… Not so good.

There is no such thing as “white culture” except to racists.


Thanks, I’ll go back and read some of his post in the immigration thread, I’ve skimmed over a lot of stuff on P&R lately (mostly because of the attacks on Gman) but also cause I was playing games.


Did I ever say a Muslim can’t be an islamophobe? My contention is that the organization literally profits from slandering people with labels. It’s like this forum, but they’re paid to do it.

Some cultures are predominately white. Some predominately black or brown, as you are so fond of pointing out. European “culture” is an array of different cultures. They are suffering consequences of immigration from other cultures that are not so much weakening as threatening them.

Immigration as such in theory is not necessarily a threat, can be a good thing for the culture, etc

Of course — no point to this conversation, because using “consequences” and “immigration” leads to the rush to label me ten different terms. It’s a true and tried SPLC tactic.


Again, this is not a good look for you, man.

White culture isn’t a thing, and being worried about immigrants polluting your culture’s purity… Well, that kind of thinking had, shall we say unfortunate, outcomes in Europe before.


Never said anything about purity. Was talking about weakening internally with crime; increased terrorism; etc. this is conceptually a clash of culture. Not race…the issue is cultures failing to assimilate. It’s bad for everyone. Bad for the people who moved from far away to the outskirts of Paris to live in poverty in the outskirts. Bad for parisians.

Note that this applies to non European cultures that may be threatened as well. Indigenous people in Canada for instance


Speaking of which, Rod posted a great tweet on this in the Immigration thread. There just aren’t going to be enough white kids to go around…


They are not suffering and they are not in danger. This is scare propaganda. Every country in Europe is more predominantly white than the US or Canada.


Oh, so you are just saying that immigrants are all criminals and terrorists.


Negative— in many contexts immigration helps a lot. I suspect it’s helping in Arizona, where we don’t see the assimilation issues we see in Paris. (I mention Arizona because the speaker in that video who appeared to advance anti immigrant sentiment there)


Even in France overall crime is trending down, and they do have deeply failed integration of a long standing and sizable minority population… you are talking about people who have been there for half a century.

The concentration of French citizens of North African descent into de facto ghettos around Paris and a couple of other major cities is certainly not the fault of those immigrants. They would have preferred to integrate I assure you.


What causes it? I do not claim to know. What do you think is the reason for the assimilation issue?

Immigration in the US

France had a history of extreme xenophobia, and they have had institutional factors in place that isolate immigrant populations. It’s been like this forever.

When racism and xenophobia make it hard to get a job, and you are constantly looked down on, it’s hard to integrate into society.

The answer is less racism and xenophobia, not more.



Fuck off fascist.


Public Service Announcement: This is the North Korea thread.

Please restrict your discussions to how God Emperor Trump has brought peace in our time, or that the Hell Spawn dotard has surrendered democracy and Samsung to the fascist dictator child Kim Jong Un.