The North Korea Thread


See here the problem isn’t that our local celebrity Trump supporter, whom some engage in desperation to get some other point of view and ask question just to go in circles but I… digress. The problem isn’t that every topic he talks about turns him into a racist raging lunatic, it’s that he can’t touch any topics about race or several nations or just different groups of people without turning into that.

So yes, he can talk about North Korea for five minutes without his white supremacy skin, but just get him talking about any of the above… and it comes out, again. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it. In addition he thinks our country getting into bed with a clear murderer and horrific dictator is somehow okay so long as Trump plays his 4D chess and stands infront of a mic making shit up.


For the last time, I have never said the white race, or any race, is superior to any other. Stop misrepresenting my views. Thanks.


300 replies? Are the nukes falling? Oh, it’s gman again.


So much for “misspeaking”


This is an utterly dishonest characterisation. He mentioned race and culture, a couple of times, in the immigration thread, where it’s kind of an inevitable. You call it “obsession” as a cheap way to imply evil motives based on no evidence.

This is a straightforward lie on two counts. Firstly the absurd hyperbole, and second the implication that gman brought up the subject in any other thread. You realise that these threads are presented in the order people post, right? So when a bunch of forum members completely derail this topic in order to dogpile gman because of a post in another thread, and then he chooses to defend himself, it’s plain for everyone to see who caused the derail. So your dishonesty just looks childish.


Really? gman made all 300 of those posts?



Keep looking. He’s not in just two topics. He earned his rep here and it’s not just because one person questions the way he talks about other races. Your clearly not reading what happened either and decided just to target me because I, personally, actually mentioned he wasn’t doing it here but hey easy is easy right?


God what a moron. Maybe in Trump’s mind (and I use the term loosely), it’s still 1980 and the Korea veterans are all around 50 years old, with the parents in their 70s. I don’t know what visions of dead 110-120 year-olds he thinks he saw, but he’s losing it.


More accurately, Nationalism breeds racism, regardless of nation.


I’m up to date with most threads in P&R, which is why I’ve lost patience with the absurd levels of self-righteousness and dishonesty on display recently. I replied to your post because it was an egregious example of this.


Well then you must know it’s not the immigration topic I took an issue with, but just chose not to say. Huh? yeah. sure.


It’s pretty weird that someone that barely ever posts & hasn’t posted in P&R in 7 years suddenly shows up to defend gman of all people.


Funny that. Also funny that Nesrie seems to take the brunt of more attacks than any other anti-conservative poster, even though others have far more extreme positions. One might almost imagine some kind of bias is as work here…


Just say what you mean: You can’t criticize the political orthodoxy here without being a xenophobic, sexist, racist, moron. Then please move on and make an on-topic post.


Funnier yet, she’s actually pretty conservative politically.


Tell us more about your white culture that totally exists and isn’t a code word for white supremacy.


Aren’t you the guy who promised to ignore me like, ten times now? Dude, follow through!


tl;dr: We need more white babies.


I helped create two - #doingmypart