The North Korea Thread



Not even vaguely a strawman when you assign responsibility for all 300 posts to a single person. Which you’ve just done again.

How is gman responsible, for example. for Dave Perkins fatuous string of troll posts? Is the complete lack of facts, reason, or desire for an actual debate in those posts somehow also gman’s fault?

When Triggercut shits up a thread with about 50 rabbit pictures in one night, how is gman responsible?

When the string of people who are “ignoring” gman come by once or twice a day to broadcast that they are “ignoring” him - often by replying to one of his posts - could it be that they maybe share a teensy bit of the responsibility for shitting up threads like this?

“Look what he made us do” is the six year old’s defence.


I gotta admit I’m not a big fan of the heckler’s veto. Whenever I see a bunch of irrelevant jpgs in a thread, I feel good about feeding the troll.


I liked the bunnies, they were cute. Don’t be a bunny-hater, man.


Otters are superior.

But, yeah, it’s gotten tedious.


For someone who’s been around so long, I’m a little surprised you require explanation of a deviation of the dinosaur response.

Spoiler: Gman’s at fault because he had already shit up the thread over the past couple days or weeks or millennia. It gets hard to tell the time scale.

Ask yourself why Gman is here? He’s supposedly a new account. He basically only posts on P&R, on a gaming forum. And two thirds of those posts after whining about the way he’s being treated.

Think about that for a minute. Actually, since we had to explain the rabbit pictures, you may want to take the rest of the day to contemplate what’s going on here.

I’ll wait.


I didn’t do that in the original post or the reply. Which you still don’t seem to get. Keep trying to get it though. We’re family here and we won’t kick you out or anything, just keep shaking our heads and saying ‘well bless his heart’


Explain? What is there to explain? What was the explanation?

Beyond that, blaming someone for what a different poster did is asinine.


Your attempt at condescension looks pretty weak, when you originally wrote;

Somehow you claim that wasn’t assigning blame or responsibility to gman.


So you’re going all in on the Six Year Old Defence? Triggercut had no choice, was not in control of his actions. The only way to view his posts in that thread is that gman made him post them?

Right, you think he’s a troll. There’ve been many accusations of trolling, or posting in bad faith aimed at gman in the last couple of weeks. My problem is that these complaints seem so… selective.

There are plenty of trolls on the home team here. None of them seem to cause this level of distress. Armando’s entire body of work in this subforum is a years long series of shitposts. But hey, he’s “one of us”, so that’s not a problem. Dave Perkins trolling in this thread doesn’t seem to bother you; is he a different kind of troll, maybe the good kind?

Frankly I don’t trust the trolling accusation in the first place. It’s the laziest way to dismiss dissenting opinion. But even if I stipulate that that’s all he’s doing, my point of view is there a bunch of people here who are being much bigger jerks then he is, and somehow they get a free pass on their behaviour. Everything is apparently, somehow, gman’s fault.



I’m going to bow out of the conversation, but just wanted to publicly apologize. This issue has just really irritated me and gotten under my skin, hence my antagonistic tone. You didn’t deserve a snide or irritable response.


It is strange Mark Weston’s posts are derided as “weird” because he hasn’t posted often on this forum recently, as if there’s something creepy about not devoting massive amounts of time to an online forum. My posts are similarly sinister because I’m new, and I have shown an interest in politics over games in my initial posts. I don’t go around checking others’ post history, because I find that a bit creepy in itself, but if I did, I assume I’d find that most people here have been here a long time, know each other, and generally share the same political tilt. I could make all kinds of personal assumptions about their motivations for posting here maybe: they simply want affirmation of their beliefs (like the typical Fox News viewer, or my friends at Stormfront), for example. But who does that kind of speculation help, in a thread about North Korea?!

We got on this most recent tangent because someone assumed I wasn’t being sincere when I thanked them for actually contributing to the discussion, despite all this noise. Again, more assumptions about my motivations – AS IF! someone can’t be appreciative of an informative post about a poll showing that most South Koreans approve of what Trump did at the summit, by an overwhelming margin.

I will tell you that the poll showing South Korea’s approval of the summit dovetails with this New Yorker piece, written one day after the meeting, in which the author points out that it’s the “chemistry” between Trump and Kim Jong Un that seems to have resonated with South Koreans locally. That’s something they obviously haven’t seen between a Western leader and a North Korean, and it’s their apparent reason for supporting the summit, and thinking it could be different from previous efforts to connect there:


South Korean people have been living under continuous threat of war, real war where their civilian population dies in huge numbers, for decades. The younger generation doesn’t really even remember why they were at war.

So yes, they have a desperate sort of hope that things will work out.

But hope is not a plan.


Hmn… 🤔




So does anyone have any opinions about the fact that South Koreans generally support the summit?


I’m mostly just being sad that Mark missed my three serious posts over the last 5 years in P&R; I was so proud of them there, sprinkled amidst the shitposting :(


Gotta be better than NK lobbing missiles over the Sea of Japan every few weeks, right?


I do. I think its net a good thing. For those of us who want to see North Korea disarm and one day dream of seeing the walls come down like in Germany any step towards the liberation of North Koreans from a scumbag communist regime is a very very good thing.

I am just annoyed that trump seems incapable of doing anything good without staining it with some gaff or political & personal attack immediately after or during it.


I have a friend who is optimistic about it. Maybe since she’s following it through Korean media, she knows something that we don’t? I usually don’t second-guess people about what’s going on in their own country, but I think this is one issue where it helps to have some distance from it. How they deal with North Korea is tied into their domestic politics, what generation they’re from, and so on, so they can’t help but be biased.

Also, she sees Trump as a complete idiot who will potentially wreck the progress that the Koreans are making on their own, not as some great peacemaker bringing them together.