The North Korea Thread


Jesus dude, you are being such a jerk here. The actual words I used were ‘the cause of the vast majority of the 300 posts is gman and the people who are responding to his posts’ how can that be construed to be me saying that gman posted 300 times? You are constantly claiming that I use words I do not use, and intend things that I do not intend. Constant strawmans. As this is the fourth time I’ve used my actual words to prove what my actrual words were, I’m done with explaining. I hereby name you tool as well, but you are a dense tool without any nuance. Perhaps an anvil. Please prove me wrong. I beg you.


Mark, you waited 7 years to return to P&R to pick a fight with a guy over his statement about 300 replies and HE’S the one causing this drama? What the fuck? Nothing weird about this at all.


Mark has decided that someone is wrong on the internet and won’t stop posting until he gets his Internet Points.

This is obviously very, very important to him.


Folks, GMan is allowed to post here. Chilk out about it.


Well OK, look, I thought you were being a jerk too, but maybe I’m just pissing you off by not communicating clearly.

So, my problem is that you seemed to be holding gman solely to blame for all 300 posts. I didn’t mean to imply that you literally think he wrote them all. I used the word “responsibility” a few times, but maybe that was conveying the wrong meaning? What I was aiming at was that you seemed to be saying that everyone’s reactions to gman, no matter how extreme, no matter whether they’re replying to him or pre-emptively trolling him, were all gman’s fault.

That’s what I’m disagreeing with, and if it’s not your opinion then I apologise.


You know, everyone has their hot-button issues, for some reason this was mine.

So is your self-assigned role to check everyone’s posting history and pronounce on the level of “weirdness”? If you want to say something about me, why don’t you stop dropping hints and actually say it?


It’s not what I said or what I meant. I appreciate your apology. I do think that gman fails to argue in good faith, moves goalposts, claims whatabouthillaryandobama, and other GOP ways of controlling the conversation that do not address the actual issues or arguements brought against his claims, which leads to 300 posts of people trying to argue mostly in good faith. Either way, it’s 300 posts that aren’t about the actual news or issues of NK, which I’d personally like to get back to.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I am sorry if that was how I came across, but it sure seemed like deliberately not reading the words I was using. Again, sorry if that wasn’t the case.


My Singaporean friend in New York posted this on Facebook. I didn’t realise that I was staying in North Korea! We had a good laugh.


Fair enough, just seemed like a weird hill to take a stand on, coming to the defense of someone that’s playing the 'I’m so naive & innocent, I haven’t read or know a thing about all these hot topics I keep posting about so please explain everything to me" card. I see from the replies that he’s now moved on to ‘Cops are always right’ as the topic of the day to troll on. Then maybe he’ll talk about how the school shooters have a valid point when they blow their classmates away, etc.

Assuming you’re reading the forums, you’ll note that we’ve had a string of this type of troll come through here and he’s just the latest incarnation.


I guess there’s a sense in which I was defending him, although I wasn’t defending his views.

What made this sub-forum a miserable experience for me to read, and prompted me to join in, was not gman. If he’s trolling, he’s the most polite, least annoying troll this forum has ever seen. For me it was the reaction to gman which was loud, unpleasant, and included behaviour far worse than any of his. Occasionally it seemed like it amounted to bullying.

I got pissed off about it and you saw the result.


Agreed. While it is totally appropriate to call out someone if you believe they are arguing in bad faith or trolling, etc. but to then dismiss everything that person says on those grounds, regardless of what it is, prevents conversations from taking place.

People keep talking about the “alt-right playbook”. Well, here’s the other playbook in action here. Somebody says something offensive/questionable. Poster attacks that point. Person responds by asking a question. Poster attacks, claiming asking questions and trying to control the conversation is out of alt-right playbook. This now somehow invalidates anything else that person has to say, so no attention has to be paid to it and anything that questions our own assumptions can be safely disregarded.

But it’s ok, because this isn’t an echo chamber.


If he’s truly NOT a troll then he’s one of the most ill-informed posters we’ve seen in a while. He’s constantly making remarks like “Oh wow, I didn’t know that.” or “Please link info on that as I haven’t heard that before”. Which is fine usually as sometimes Google can’t provide info. But when it’s used constantly and in regard to things that are inherent facts about the unpopular positions he keeps taking, then it makes you wonder why it keeps happening. If someone this passionate about so many unpopular positions hasn’t taken the time to read up much about it, why does he spend so much time talking about them?


He might be a troll. Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth on what I think. But either way, I think it’s possible to learn something in the process. For my own part, I was prompted to go look up info on the Flores settlement, which was quite enlightening, and I think I know understand what a lot of the rhetoric we are hearing actually means.


Well welcome back. I guess most of us find the notion that after all the evil done the past 18 months it was people being mildly rude to a racist troll on a message board that enraged you is just odd. But whatever, good to have you back.


I agree, welcome back to Mark. Obviously tensions on the forum are much higher than past years as many of us disagree with the current administration and its policies, to say the least. It’s become more than just political disagreement for many, myself included.


Am I allowed to hate everything about the summit but also love that it probably sucked a fair amount of life out of an evil man in the process?


An Asian perspective with emphasis on factual dates and China’s motivation. For those seeking a rest from left/right bashing and name calling.


Something that disappeared into the background during this fractious week: Pompeo cancelled his briefing for the Senate on the North Korea meeting.

This is kinda important because if there was an actual deal in the works, and not just hot air and some unilateral concessions Trump can make as CIC (the military exercises), the Senate would have to ratify it.


Haven’t you heard? Trump says they’ve already destroyed their bomb factories, returned our soldiers’ remains, and bowed to American might. What more do we need?

Anyone who says it’s not true is a traitor. Prepare for family separation.


Whenevs. They got a photo op out of it, which is all Trump cares about anyway.