The North Korea Thread


I guess i could imagine them sending some real ones back, but also doubt they really care that much.


I’m curious about how many positive IDs they had from the 90s recoveries. I worked with a few JFAs back in the day. I know they had some (it’s a slow process) but how many overall would be interesting.


Horrible ghouls that they are; they get paid for “found Americans” as a bonus. Dear leader gives treats and rewards to the starving feudal peasantry for any information on Americans buried in North Korea. God, what a horrible state they are, when you think about it.


The talk question is whether we are giving North Korea money based on how many bodies they send back, because if we are i guarantee a bunch of them are just random dead folks.


Sending identifiable, real remains keeps the money pipe flowing. Granted, they can keep dragging things out, but it behooves them to give us the real remains so we keep looking.


I’m fairly sure they’re real US remains.

I also have little doubt they probably have the remains of a bunch of American servicemen in a warehouse somewhere and are trickling them out for cash.


Very happy.




This does remind of a recent conversation I had with a Japanese friend of mine - he doesn’t pay that close of an attention to US politics but gave Trump credit for getting Kim to tone down his rhetoric around missile testing.

He did concede that Trump was likely responsible for a lot of that being ratcheted up in the first place but he did make an interesting point that from a purely Japanese POV Trump would probably rate a 7 or 8 /10 rating on how he’s handling the N.Korea situation.


Reasonable enough, though I have to say that these things can only be judged over the long haul.The NKs have had numerous periods where they’ve been fairly quiet for a while, only to wake up and do something nasty.


Jesus. Trump is really off his meds today. First Iran, now NK. Why won’t someone slap his phone out of his tiny hands?


U.S. spy agencies are seeing signs that North Korea is constructing new missiles at a factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States, according to officials familiar with the intelligence.

Newly obtained evidence, including satellite photos taken in recent weeks, indicates that work is underway on at least one and possibly two liquid-fueled ICBMs at a large research facility in Sanumdong, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe classified intelligence.

The findings are the latest to show ongoing activity inside North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities at a time when the country’s leaders are engaged in arms talks with the United States. The new intelligence does not suggest an expansion of North Korea’s capabilities but shows that work on advanced weapons is continuing weeks after President Trump declared in a Twitter posting that Pyongyang was “no longer a Nuclear Threat.”


North Korea has played this perfectly, in that now they can do shit like this and Trump won’t call them on it, because to do so would contradict the fantasy he had created about how North Korea is nice now.


Who could have known that North Korea could be so complicated?


Yeah maybe we need a new policy and some patience. We can give it a cool name like Strategic Patience or something.


President Donald Trump on Friday asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel an upcoming trip to North Korea, arguing on Twitter that the United States has not made “sufficient progress” on denuclearization talks.

But…but…but… Herr trump said it was “mission accomplished” and he fixed it all!



trump’s foreign policy is as good as his bankruptcies


The suspension has been suspended.

I hope Donnie hasn’t already cleared shelf space for his Nobel Peace Prize.