The North Korea Thread


Trump is personally vested in the notion of a “win” here. He’s not personally vested in any actually strategic benefit to the US… So it’s perfectly acceptable to him to just let North Korea have whatever it wants, and declare things a victory.

And so that’s what will happen. We’ll make concessions, and receive nothing at all in return. Trump will declare a victory, and his supporters will cheer, because they are fucking be imbeciles.




But they fell in love…


No one could have seen this coming!


But we were told they were no longer a threat!


Don’t worry, it’s a peaceful missile base!


But they fell in love…



But… but… they SAID!


So, this doesn’t have anything to do with the current issues going on, but while watching the news or wheel of fortune yesterday at work we saw a commercial for Korea advertising DMZ tours and all the wonderful things you could see like North Korea and probably land mines. The ad seemed like anything else you see when going to the bahamas but there were soldiers and fenced areas. It was a little surreal because i would never have thought that they would advertise this stuff in Illinois as it would not be a prime market.


Although, there actually are some great things to see in the DMZ like unspoiled landscapes and endangered species thriving in the absence of man.



I need this pic on hand at all times in the world that we currently live in.


Trump can kiss that Nobel Prize goodbye.


Ambitious plans for an enormous new beach resort on North Korea's southeast coast are nearing completion, according to satellite images obtained by the US-based monitoring group 38 North.

The Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone, slated to open October 2019, will be a huge complex with hotels, a marina, a sports complex, water slides and more.

The tourist zone is in an area that’s simultaneously been used for ballistic missile launches and, in April 2017, what state media describes as North Korea’s largest ever artillery drill.

“It may sound crazy to outsiders to fire missiles from a place he wants to develop economically, but that’s how Kim Jong Un runs his country,”

There is significant work to be done in attracting tourists to the totalitarian state.

In 2008, a 53-year-old South Korean tourist was shot dead by a North Korean soldier after straying into a military zone during a tour of the country.

In 2017, US student Otto Warmbier died following his release from captivity in North Korea, after being arrested on suspicion of stealing a propaganda poster.


Look! A distraction!


Jesus tap-dancing Christ.

“Sure he completely scammed me and made me look like a fucking idiot for a photo op that made him look good, but THIS time he’s really going to mean it.”

I expect by the end of this one the US will leave South Korea and Japan with a pinky-swear from Kim that he’ll maybe not make a nuke for reals.


That is a masterpiece of tasteful understatement.