The North Korea Thread




Another one of those things: imagine the conservo-sphere’s reaction to any Democratic President who complimented Kim Jong Un.


Not just complimented. Literally expressed his love for, on camera.


Actually they might be cool with…oh wait…


Oh, North Korea came back at the end before the poll closed!


After seeing this picture of trump o just realized why he suddenly likes Kim so much after meeting him in person. Kim is the only leader on the entire planet who is potentially fatter than he is (see second picture down). He’s hitting max John Goodman size now.


Lauding a one party communist state. 👍


You know what is crazy about the Trump strategy in North Korea is, is that it is working very well at de-escalating tension. This may be because he is basically all talk at this point, and is not even bringing up nuclear weapons bans and the human rights abuses happening, but tensions have de-escalated drastically, and the weapons testing has decreased.

Trump is doing what Trump does best, bullshitting someone to get them on his side. And as a wannabe dictator, Trump probably admires what Kim has done on some level.

I guess if only Nixon could go to China, only Trump could go to North Korea. Because he is a crazy idiot, and they have that in common.


Unless you give Kim a private island and a jillion megabucks he is not going to give up the nukes. No nukes means America will come liberate you.


It’s unrelated. They successfully completed their weapons testing. Furthermore, the kind of testing they were doing was costing them tons of money and nuclear material. They’ve moved into higher gear production now. They don’t need to test any more.


From some articles at the time, it seems like one of their test sites got wrecked during testing, then they later “dismantled” it.

Foreign reporters at the Punggye-ri site in the north-east said they had witnessed a huge blast. Pyongyang later said the site had been dismantled.

The move by the North was seen as part of a diplomatic rapprochement with South Korea and the US.

But scientists believe it partially collapsed after the last test in September 2017, rendering it unusable.


The problem with North Korea is that the existence of the regime as it is–dictatorial, hereditary, militarist, paranoid, economically nonviable–is fundamentally incompatible with, well, anything or anyone else in the region. It continues to exist solely because the price of getting rid of it has always been too high. First, in the context of the Cold War, it was the support of the Chinese and the USSR. Later, it has been nuclear weapons, combined with the growth in North Korean conventional capabilities that, while insufficient to “win” a war, are damn sure sufficient to kill hundreds of thousands of South Koreans.

Eventually, either the regime’s ability to cause harm will deteriorate to the point where it becomes cost-effective enough to do something about it directly, or the regime’s tendency to use blackmail and negative incentives to coerce concessions will backfire spectacularly and kick off a war no one wants. The only way I see to avoid that is precisely what was suggested up thread: give Kim and Co. a bajillion bucks, fancy dachas, and lots of hookers and blow somewhere far, far away, and buy them off.


The problem with having an idiot like trump involved is he may give Kim all that stuff, yet leave him in control with all his nukes plus some billions of extra dollars.



Can DJT just stay there permanently?


I’m sure they’ll give him the same care and attention as Otto Warmbier received.


The problem with the current “de-escalation” is that it solves nothing. NK still has nukes and is still developing weapons - it’s just that the US doesn’t care. Kim hasn’t had to give up anything he cares about, while getting lots of what he craves (i.e., recognition of his regime).

Pretty much the only thing Trump has achieved so far, is to make the job significantly harder for the next person who has to negotiate with NK and try to get any form of concessions from them.


A desperate move with the sole purpose of allowing DJT to somehow claim a ‘win’.


So basically, we’re recognizing Kim as a legitimate world leader and letting him run his nuclear program however he wants. And in exchange, we get…wait, a sec. Ok, we recognize Kim and leave him alone, and North Korea is giving us…hmmmm. I must be missing something.