The North Korea Thread


You need to read “The Art of the Deal” and all will be made clear to you.


Donald Trump gets to meet with a dictator. That’s what we get out of it.


CVID is so 2018




It disgusts me to no end that this is what Otto Warmbier’s parents are seeing.



In exchange, Kim has to write 10 more flattering love letters to Trump over the next two years.


No details.


Yeah - very curious. Wonder if Trump caught wind of how badly his ‘negotiating’ was playing back home.


Even Kim can only stand so much of him. He got his photos, no reason to sit in a room with the guy.


DPRK are so media savvy im surprised they are lettimg Kim be associated with a clown like Trump


Yeah, very short on details. Here’s the most info I could find at this point.


So that was a boondoggle. Not that I’m displeased that we’re not striking deals with the DPRK, but this thing seemed like an epic snipe hunt from the start.


Are they eloping??


Rats. I was really hoping to get to watch a press conference dominated by questions about Cohen’s testimony.



I think the presser (Trump only) is still happening. Starting any moment…going to be, uh, interesting.


Well that was boring. He just seemed sullen, going home with his tail between his legs. I was hoping he’d be angry and yapping and indignant about Cohen.



The decision to walk out of the summit (assuming it’s actually him who made the choice, and not just the spin he’s placing on it), is actually not a terrible decision. He can (and is) spin it positively as part of the “art of the deal” (you must be willing to walk away, etc).

Of course, foreign relations experts could have (and probable have) told him that the deal he’s seeking is never in a million years going to be accepted by NK, making the whole seance a waste of time (at least for the USA - Kim has a lot to gain from being elevated into being an equal of the POTUS).


Well, yeah, he shouldn’t be there in the first place. You don’t get a cookie for not stepping on your dick when you’re already doing something really dumb. And frankly, he’s handing the North Korean regime a huge win by legitimizing KJU as a world leader worthy of meeting with the US. Not to mention covering for the murder of Otto Warmbier just like he covered for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea. Trump never met a murderous thug regime he didn’t want to be his friend.



Just happy he didn’t give Kim our entire arsenal of ICBMs in exchange for a photo op.