The North Korea Thread


Planted a couple of trees and replaced all the soldiers who were unable to prevent the defection.


Sometimes the border trees must be watered with the blood and parasites of defectors.




NK should look into hedges



So it’s possibly an ICBM and took 50 minutes to hit the far side (from NK’s perspective) of Japan.






Joke’s on you, Lindsey. We’re still at war.


Jokes on everyone, our president is literally retarded and will respond with some juvenile tweet.



Jokes on the entire world - we have the two dumbest, most narcisisstic people on the planet ready and willing to use nuclear weapons on each other. And Trump literally thinks that the U.S. Can shoot down any of NK nukes, no problem. Because he is a willfully ignorant imbecile. #MAGA


My friends and I came up with a shorthand to throw our hands up in the air at ridiculous suburban people during our teenage years, in which we were surrounding by them.


Jesus Fucking Xrist. Because it’s just a little blasphemous to the weirdo morality patrol too busy cheating on their spouses to actually conceive of much less solve the problems they dimly perceive affecting their own communities.

This is the only response I have left to this whole “administration.”



I go with shitgibbon. They are both shitgibbons. Pass it on.


Well, the public elected Trump, so it makes a hell of a lot of people shitgibbons.


Technically, “the public” did no such thing.



But then 70,000 people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan and another 100,000 in Florida are DEFINITELY shitgibbons.


Well I laughed!