The North Korea Thread


You are probably right, unless the carrier group gets close to NK. However, I think you might be underestimating just how hard it is to detect a diesel sub running on battery. They are essentially invisible. Reliability, range and weaponry are probably more limiting than detection.


Is it bad that Insaw that and immediately thought, “Catch a ride!”


I think we all wish he would.


Major Kong would be a great President.


Oh they’re generally fairly hard to detect, but they also are slow as hell and can’t stay submerged for long. Add in the other factors and they’d likely never get in range to do anything. Plus stuff like magnetic anomaly detectors and well, US subs, would make it something I can’t see happening. The DPRK sub would effectively have to get in the path of the group, submerge and hope they wandered over it, while also avoiding the rest of it. But since they can’t stay submerged long, or even really leave their pens without being detected… the logistics of it just don’t seem really possible.

They’re mostly a threat to commercial shipping or for deploying special forces in South Korea.


(CNN) - A UN official who just returned from several days speaking with North Korean officials in Pyongyang has told CNN that he is “really worried about an accidental move toward conflict.”

Jeffrey Feltman, an American who is the United Nations undersecretary-general for political affairs, told Christiane Amanpour on Thursday that he is concerned about a “lack of communication” and the “high risk of some kind of miscalculation.”

Feltman is the highest-level UN official to visit Pyongyang since 2011. He spent more than 15 hours speaking with North Korean officials, he said, including the foreign minister. Feltman has previously served as an American assistant secretary of state.


Yeah, accident, miscalculation, or sheer stupidity are the things most likely to send this all into the shitcan.


Fortunately, we have nothing to worry about in the regard.

“Let me tell you, I’m a really smart guy. I was a really good student at the best school in the country,” referring once again to Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania’s business school, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1968.



False. It’s a Staples “That Was Easy” button.


Or maybe this year he upgrades to Alexa. He tried Siri but their iOS devices won’t accept the latest OS update.


Well so much for my NY hopes of a more responsible behavior by Trump.

Can’t we please get some legislation taking away his power to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike without Congressional approval.


At this point, there is very little justification that Congress can have for not impeaching him. He is clearly unfit to serve in the office.


That tweet…other than Reagan’s much, much less worrisome (as it was clearly a joke from a president who knew full well what was at stake, among other things) “legislation to outlaw Russia” bit, has any president been that cavalier about their ability to launch a nuclear strike?

I mean, of all the things to be flippant about, that doesn’t exactly seem like one of 'em.


What’s with the supersized length of this tweet. They blew the 140 characters limit for the new year? Please put it back.


Sadly Twitter upgraded to 280 odd characters sometime around November.


Sort of like how Minis have gone from cute go-karts to just another normal subcompact, but with all of the cramped and weird interior decisions that were charming when the cars were tiny but are just annoying when the car is the same size as anything else in its class.


I’m certain that every single one of them is aware of that (even worthless meatslabs like Jimmy Jordan), but as long as his presence in the White House lets them get their bullshit agenda across, they don’t much care.

Most of them are traitors and cretins.


Cretins, probably, but the traitors bit is more complex. You see, to them, they are true patriots. Why? Because, to them, the whole point of the USA is for the wealthy and the powerful to continue to be wealthy and powerful. Oh, and white, and male, usually. So the real “traitors” are those who can’t see that simple, obvious truth!


I think most GOP elected officials stopped being ‘Americans’ years ago, when they realized that demographic trends are taking the country in a direction unfavorable to their future prospects. Combine that with dependence on an ultra-rich donor class, who have few shared interests with the middle class, the poor or the merely well off.