The NWN2 1.05 patch makes me want to maliciously molest farm animals

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So here’s me, all lubed up and hot 4 patcher for the NWN2 1.05 patch, cuz it has bigger boobs than the 1.04 patch and wants it all the time. Well, that and it has drag-select.

BUT LO! The ham-penised implementation of said drag-select is totally half-assed with the bonus of borking other parts of party movement mechanics. To wit:

-Drag-select is not defaulted as it was in the ol’ Infinity Engine games. It’s not there when you load a game. It’s not there when you load a new area. It disappears then, it disappears when you save, when you slap your ass, essentially anything. Hahahaha, except when you try to select your lead party member’s portrait. No, it remains then.

-You must be group-selected with a merchant, or if you click on a non-selected party member’s portrait to get at their inventory, you’ll drop out of the merch screen and the selected party member will say whatever douchey sound bite they’ve got in their sound bite queue and you’ll have to re-enter the merch dialogue. HURF DURF BLURF.

-You cannot be group-selected to do a few rare actions like, you know, opening motherfucking doors and chests. So you see where this is headed, right? Walk group-selected to a doorway. Try to open doorway, remember as your dudes wiggle all impotently that you can’t, de-select BUT HAHAHAHAHA you can’t de-select out of group-select by picking your lead party member so pick someone else, anyone else (except sometimes the last person in the party, who effing knows why), then open the goddamned door, then go through it, then charge off through and then remember OOPS I HAVE TO GROUP-SELECT AGAIN. ArgrggrgsgsdijfhdsgslakhlsglbdfglfadjkhPENIS.

-If you don’t drag-select your whole party, then they won’t follow you. Sure, that makes sense and all, but it’s extra-hilarious in that the 1.05 patch broke follow distances. Watch as leetle Qara runs past Khelgar and triggers the doofus enemy AI so they hound her to the ends of the earth and attacks of opportunity suddenly fail to work FOR THE MILLIONTH!!! TIME. Go on, set Qara to follow Far, see what that gets you. Nothing, that’s what.

And having to click and hold Control to drag-select is butt-humpingly bogus. HAWHAWHAW I hit the Windaz key by mistake. LORFS HAI2U DESKTOP HAHAHA SEEN ANY ELVES? I hate you Obsidian. I’m gonna slap Feargus Urquehart’s momma.

Not to mention 1.05 makes it so you can’t use more than 54 rows in the classes.tlk file, so using the Player’s Resource Consortium pack is now pretty useless (the default game comes with about 48 rows, the PRC pack has over a hundred new base and prestige classes).

Between Medieval 2, Gothic 3, Dark Messiah, NWN2, Silverfall, STALKER and Silent Hunter 4 I wonder who’s the worst.

Did I miss any of the latest major bugged releases? Are we back at PC gaming classic trend with unfinished games and poor support?

Did we ever leave?

I feel so ashamed of myself. When Icewind Dale 2 came out, I slagged it for its shitty pathfinding and seemingly spurious interface changes. When ToEE came out, I felt like a jerk for being so hard on IWD2. Now with this mess with NWN2, I feel like an even bigger jerk for slagging ToEE. WHEN WILL IT END?

God, did you ever play Lionheart? At least there’s a game inside NWN2.

At this point I’m buying games six months after release in the vain hope that they’ve been patched up.

Cut and pasted from any one of a thousand CSIPG* groups from 1997-2000.

Haha, Lionheart, worst computer RPG, ever, IMO.

OK, OK, worst ever that meets minimal production value standards for being a professionally made game. You know what I mean…

There was Pool of Radiance: Myth Draenor. That was worse.

And yeah, I’m going to go ahead and get rid of NWN2. I’ve been hanging onto it since release, hoping it’ll get good (or get some nice fanmade mods). It hasn’t.

Bill, to be fair, is there much of anything that doesn’t make you want to molest farm animals?

Gee, I’m expecting a beefy system upgrade soon, but there aren’t many stable
or relatively bugfree new games to play on it :(

I think this has been a pretty bad 12 months for this sort of thing.

Lionheart was pretty fucking bad, but it wasn’t this buggy.

NWN2 is now officially on my “Don’t even bother if it’s in the bargain bin” list.

You want LogoLess. Teeny little app that sits in the system tray and disables the Windows key anytime you’re in a full-screen game (but leaves it alone otherwise).

As far as I can tell, NWN2 was always this buggy.

I picked it up right after it came out, and played the campaign full through with no major problems. In our “NWN2: Yea or Nay” poll back in December, 79 people voted that NWN2 was worth getting whereas we had only 19 nay sayers. An OO poll had even greater numbers in favor of buying it.

There are clearly some people having issues getting the game up and stable, and they’ve been very vocal about it. But there is a large majority of people that enjoy NWN2 and think it’s a great game. It’s also done quite well with the critics, garnering an 82% out an GameRankings.

I enjoy it… but it’s not a great game, it’s a very average game with a very clunky UI.

Most of NWN2’s biggest problems aren’t bugs, though. They are by design. This drag-select deal sounds like it’s pretty much par for the course with the rest of the game’s horrifically bad interface.