The Obligatory Meta-Thread: Can We Get a Burning Crusade Forum?

Someone was going to ask for it sooner or later.

I figured it might as well be sooner.

So, can we get a subforum for the Burning Crusade posts? ;)


Actually, I was hoping for an HDTV forum.

Fuck WoW. If there were a separate subforum for WoW, the only people in the regular games forum would me and like mouselock and the one or (maybe) two other people here who don’t orgasm when someone says “Leroy Jenkins.”

No! Fuck WOW and the sad junkies who play it! Now back to Disgaea 2 for me…

“Leeeeeroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy JEEEENKINS!”

/me orgasms.

I never thought the Leeroy Jenkins video was all that funny. I think my fave is still the Village Elves doing YMCA:

And Star Wars.

Let’s not forget Sony.

Or K0NY.

The WoW machinima to the stage tune “Internet is for Porn” is hilarity.

You and me both.

There haven’t been enough extraneous WOW threads to even ask yet.

You need to EARN the right to be denied.

Or Steam.

Bump for a WoW forum!

I never thought the Leeroy Jenkins video was all that funny

IT was ok until I got to that part of Black Rock spire and, other than “dont stomp on the eggs guys” you don’t need to frickin say anything. No wonder the guy piled in* I would have out of sheer boredom or in the hope of wiping that windbag too.

  • I know it’s supposed to be staged.

it was amusing, but not as funny as I thought it was going to be…

that being said, my first trip there was rather amusing, of course people said don’t break the eggs… so I cursor over them and see that they are clickable - so I figured the only way to break with was by right clicking them… I walked over to the closest bunch and jumped up and down.

Good thing a bunch of friends were in the group, we handled the sitaution find… kinda amusing looking back on that some 14 months ago.

WoW sucks! Yeah, I said it. Go ahead, go get to level 70! Sunlight means nothing!

I never really saw the big deal with that, either. My favorite WoW video of all time has got to be the 40 Gnome Hogger Raid - it kills me every time I watch it, and I think that this is the original that started it all. That one bit around 4:36 had me just howling the first time I watched it.

Can we have a separate forum for people trying to be funny requesting forums devoted to particular games? And no, I’m not trying to be funny.