The Oblivion Torture Prison Mod

Oh dear.

Fully working prison with several cells, guards and barracks. When the prison is getting full, free some space with gas, fire and shocking chambers. Pressing a button, you can release deadly gas in the cells, burn prisoners with fire, or electrify the floor (see videos).
Guard post, Holding cage, Keeper’s office, Luxury cell, Barracks, Normal cells, Normal cell interior, Dungeon cell, Gas, Fire.

Torture dungeon
It includes a collection of traps, torture devices, killing machines and creepy locations (see videos, the “overview”). Here’s a short description (and screenshots) of each one:

  • Spiky chasm of death. Bring the prisoner on the chasm, then shove him down! A spiky death awaits. [1, 2]
  • Lion pit. Hungry lions wait for their dinner, don’t forget to feed them regularly. (see videos) [1]
  • Creepy bridge with spikes. Your prisoners may fall. It happens. [1]
  • Cage of burning death: order your prisoners to enter the cage. Then use the lever to light the fire, or turn it off. Watch them shake and cry! Eventually they will die, so pay attention to their health if you want to play with that prisoner another game… Or just let them incinerate. (see videos)
  • Questioning chair: you can order your prisoners to sit on the chair. Then, you can choose to electrocute them (little damage), burn them (little damage), or shock them to death. They will play a fitting animation and cry in pain. They won’t move from the chair as long as you don’t issue another command. [1]
    (see videos)
  • Throne room. Quest receiving place. [1, 2]

Interesting. Also creepy, because it doesn’t have the Dungeon Keeper cartoony style. What does it all MEAN!?!?

It means the people who locked their sims into no-exit rooms and watched them piss themselves to death are going to have another merry little virtual sadistic sandbox.

Who am I to bitch about it? I took great pleasure in covering my plastic army men with airplane glue and lighting them on fire back in the day.

Dick gives it a thumbs up.

Here’s the vids

I laughed at the lion pit.

Finally, you can make the game feel like what it’s like to play the game!

Sweet! My Sims 2 Guantanamo Bay mod was getting kind of boring.

Can you set this one to give the prisoners–I mean, enemy combatants–random Arab names?

That’s really cool. Man are people creative and motivated. I need some motivation pills.

When it somes to dispensing pain and suffering, you damn right we are.

I gotta say, this is kinda creepy. But then again, I used to chuckle with glee while playing that old game OIDS ( ) on the Mac, when, instead of saving the andr"OIDS" of the title, I’d gun them down and watch them die a fiery death. Ah, virtual sadism.

Ah, it makes me pine for the days of unlimbering my shotgun and blasting chained prisoners. Blackthorne, how we miss thee!

There was something like this for Morrowind (and probably Daggerfall and Arena too). Some people like to get medieval on their virtual critters. When I’m in the mood to “unleash the pain” in that game, I generally just slaughter everyone I can find with my massively overpowered lich character.

Way I see it, if people aren’t designing things like this, the modding community isn’t really trying to hit the boundaries.

edit: Shit, if I post one more time I hit 1000. What a waste!

My favorite was freeing a guy then walking past him and doing the over the shoulder, not even looking at them shotgun blast.

There’s a difference between occasionally blowing away a store owner in Fallout and getting a chuckle out of it, and what this guy is doing with this mod. This is designed to let you torture people, over and over if you like, because torturing people is fun. Now with Realistic Torture Screams ™! It’s creepy, beyond creepy. This is not pouring airplane glue on a plastic army man and lighting it on fire. This is closer to capturing squirrels and torturing them to death.

Once a squirrel goes for your nuts, THE GLOVES COME OFF

Except that nothing alive is actually feeling any pain.

lol. QFT. I was like “Oblivion? what the fuk is that?!” ;)

Footnote: ZX prays at the alter of super mod Morrowind(currently 95 mods added to GOTY). It’s bigger, looks great, plays better and can never be completed(not enough hours in a life time).

Like Gideongamer’s gleeful description of a serial killing, it’s disturbing… Though of course we shouldn’t make judgments about people’s vicarious sadistic pleasures because it might offend them.

Yeah, apart from the fact that it’s nothing like that at all.

What’s scarier are the people, like yourself, who can’t differentiate between the real world and the fantasy/virtual one. You shouldn’t be allowed to game without being able to understand that divide.

It means it’s time for the ESRB to rate Oblivion AO again.

This looks like a job for: Jack Thompson!