The occasionally thrilling Beyond Earth can't quite get beyond Civilization V

Title The occasionally thrilling Beyond Earth can't quite get beyond Civilization V
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When October 25, 2014

The beginning of Beyond Earth is all very exciting. I mean the very beginning before the beginning. Before the game has even started. Before I've even landed on the planet. I choose my faction first..

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This, while disappointing, is not very surprising. The endgame I've always felt is the weakest aspect of all the Civ games.

did this guy even play civ 5 or is he just trying to get attention by scoring another great firaxis game low to feel special? all of my friends and professional game journalists agree that it's an 85+ at least

join me in boycotting this fanboy troll before he gives his unfiltered thoughts on another popular franchise

Damn, your opinions on this game mirror so closely my own. IMHO this game feels like a slightly jazzed up civ 5, not an improved civ 5 mind you, just shinier.

So that's a "wait for a few DLCs" then.

''before he gives his unfiltered thoughts''

In what universe should a review not contain ''unfiltered thoughts''?

I haven't bought it yet, but probably will at some point. I have played (and enjoyed) Civ5 quite a bit. It just seems like the nutty and highly annoying diplomacy/ AI personalities and the inability of the AI to handle the combat are insoluble issues. I'm not surprised that these same problems are apparently baked in to BE.

"You[r] choice of Old Earth nationality"
"you work your way up one o[r] more affinities"
"The AI’s ineptitude at manag[ing] one unit per tile was a game-killer in Civilization V"
"thanks to [the] way"

So I'll playing SMAC PBEM then.

Did they ever fix the bug that makes the game unplayable after the first human player is eliminated?

And... here we go!

Shall I bring the popcorn?

I agree 100% with this review based on my first game. Many of the decisions are inconsequential. I was never attacked, so I can't judge the combat aspect but based on my time with Civ V it isn't hard to believe that is true. I liked some of the improvements to existing Civ V features - the tech web, how trade route values are based on the cities involved. Endless Legends added more unique features to the 4X genre. Pandora First Contact's operations are much more interesting than the orbital layer. Beyond Earth is another game I had wished I didn't buy at release.

Thanks for covering the AI, Tom. It's something that killed Civ5 for me as well, and none of the other reviews I've read have even mentioned it.

I can't say I've ever hit that one in...a lot of games. So it can't be present in the patched versions of SMAC or SMACX. (I know unpatched SMAC has some nasty bugs, sure...)

"Why do the numbers I might want to check blur out when I’m making a quest decision?" - OMG yes, pisses me off so much.

Tom, I'm with you. And I'm really disappointed that so many of the systems and assets are cribbed right from Civ 5. I had really high hopes for this one, and I'm really let down.

The Civ games and I think the Paradox games tend not to hit their stride until a few patches and some DLC. I'm not saying they are bad out of the box, but they really seem to be games that shine once they have some added content and some refinement.

I'm afraid I feel uncomfortable about joining anyone who doesn't appear to know when a period should be used. The evidence seems to suggest that you may not be very smart. That was an example of ending a sentence with a period.

A sentence should also start with an upper case letter. Did your mother consume a lot of alcohol when you were still in the womb? Notice that I used an upper case "D" to start the sentence.

Consider this a good learning opportunity mrmach7. Reading this review might has just given you a chance to get smarter.

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