The October 15th Town Halls

Biden will probably try to seriously answer questions, and DJT will throw his diaper gravy around the stage and attack questioners. Have at it.

This is the thread i was looking for. Do you hate watch Trump, or relax with Biden?

I will watch Biden, and follow the DJT shitshow on twitter.

I’m just gonna watch this thread, honestly.

The platonic ideal is to watch someone shit on Trump live on TV, but in reality i have a hard time listening to him for 60 seconds, so i’m looking forward to all the usual sources posting the best clips.


If you do decide to watch Trump, try to do it in a manner which will not increase his ratings.

I second this, but his sniveling lickspittles will just say “the highest EVAR” regardless.

I’m going to play some Deep Rock Galactic with friends and watch Aaron Rupar’s clips later.

Can you be more prescriptive?

Does this mean finding a Trump voter in my neighborhood and standing outside their living room all evening creepin’ on them? Could i knock on the door and offer them snacks?

Or is this more like driving around the neighborhood with my wifi scanner and a password cracker looking for an SSID like “TRUMP2020” or “SNOWFLAKE”?

I think you’re safe watching him over the air using an antenna. If you get the Neilsen ratings book, don’t self-report that you watched NBC.

You can watch ABC News official stream via youtube here:

Raw streaming numbers will be counted and (eventually) be added to ABC’s overall ratings for tonight. Same for NBC.

If you watch either candidate by television via antenna, cable, or whatever, unless you are a metered Nielsen viewer it has no effect either way.

I’m just going to follow the choice moments from here. I don’t to give Trump a ratings boost. I hope Biden’s numbers are better than Trump’s, not because it means anything but because I know it will piss Trump off.

Oh boy! My astral projection training finally pays off. And no, I do not watch strangers naked. Much.

Biden coming across well, IMO.

This is why only idiots choose “flying” over “invisibility.”


Biden has good answer on COVID.