The Official E3 Qt3 Gathering -- details inside!

Okay, here’s the skinny:

We’re meeting Wednesday night, starting at 8pm, at Casey’s Bar & Grill, on Grand, south of 6th, in the basement. The number is (213) 629-2353.

If anyone wants to post cell phone numbers or anything like that, this is thread for it.


Tom, can we get an address for Casey’s? And can you tell us roughly how far it is from the Convention Center?

613 South Grand. Citysearch link.

The Convention Center is 1201 South Figueroa, so from there Casey’s is about six blocks up & three blocks over. An attempt at a directions map link.

If you are driving in, parking is a pain around there, but most of the buildings have flat-rate deals after 6pm or so. Figure $5 to $10 for the Downtown version of a deal on parking.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this gathering for any and all Qt3 members, or is it just for this specific group of friends. I ask because I wouldn’t mind going (if my schedule permits), but I don’t want to impose or anything.

Also, if this is indeed for all Qt3 people, how will I know which group is you guys? Should I just look around for the Qt3 T-shirts?

It’s for everyone. Like the forums, it’s as non-exclusive as you could get.

As for finding us, I can’t imagine that would be too hard. But just to be safe, I’ll make sure Mark is wearing a pink carnation in his hair.


So what kind of place is this joint? Is it a restaurant, a bar, or like a mixture? Are people under 21 cool to be going in there? Just curious.

Tom will be wearing his jaunty beret.

You’re missing the point, Mark. The gathering is for QT3 members, not friends. :P

I’ll be there.
What kind place is this?

It’s the kind of place that would let people like us in.


Loyd Case

Hey, I can’t make it to LA for E3. Does Casey’s have computers connected to the Internet? If not, can we change the venue so I can attend by video conference.


So, what pre-Qt3 G2G shindig are y’all attending? Ziff? IGN? Gamespot?

I was planning on Gamespot, but might be persuaded to switch to the less swanky Ziff party for proximity reasons.

Who’s goin’ where? I’m thinkin’ we can hook up and share cabs.

I think we’re doing both (by we, I mean “I”)

Well I’m going to Ziff’s. Go there!

On that link Tom posted, it says it’s only open till 10pm? Can anyone confirm this? Cuz that’s ummm… fairly early, isn’t it?

Chick will be wearing a polo shirt under his Members Only jacket… but nobody told him he’s the only member left…



Steve and I are going to try to swing by as well. It’s just a few blocks from our hotel (the Figueroa…it’s either the QT3 thing or get kicked out while trying to crash Ziff’s party ;) ).

NVIDIA’s coctail reception is that evening as well, way up on Hollywood Blvd. So we might do both and just be late to one, or something like that.

you can reach me by cell at: (802) 233-4447

Very well then, I look forward to meeting you guys. Who’s buying the first shot?

Casey’s is the bar in the xfiles movie if you really need to get a look at it (interior only, dont try and walk into the alley Maudler went it, it’s a closet).

It’s in a basement, it isn’t open late because nothing happens in downtown LA late at night, nothing you want to participate in anyways.

Under 21ers shouldnt have any problems, it’s sorta a dark wood paneled biz lunch basement bar steak place. More restaurant than bar, but looks more like a bar.

"Does Casey’s have computers connected to the Internet? "
HAHAHAHAHA - This place is like Cheers with steak, you are lucky they have a phone.

My GF used to work there, so thats where all this rambling trivia comes from. They do have decent food and there arent really many good options downtown, so unless you are heading to hollywood (retarded overpriced trendy noisy) or Silverlake (less retarded, less trendy, some good dive bars) Casey’s is a good bet.

Does anyone need a badge for E3? It’s one of the free ones so it will only get you on the show floor, but one of the people in my group flaked out so I thought I would offer it. I’m sure most the people who are going already have badges (cool ones at that), but maybe someone has a friend who would like to go… Just reply to this message and I’ll give it to the first person who asks.