The Official Post-Gold Far Cry Three Thread

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This went gold yesterday, and while I was largely ignoring it due to Ubisoft, I do recall the DRM is supposed to be relaxing somewhat from Ubi as new games come out, so maybe FC3 will be one of the first to have a bit less of a draconian scheme?

In any case, a little research led me to this walkthrough video which made me just fall in love with the game so far. I loved FC2, and many of my problems such as constantly respawning check points seems neatly handled here, plus it’s vibrant, seems like the world is more active (and reactive), and still boasts that same great action and exploration, and gunplay.

I’m tempted to pre-order this on Amazon, in the hopes it gets good reviews and is all it looks like it could be. Sounds like doing so gets you some nice pre-order goodies, like bonus weapons, NPC’s, and missions. One such mission is detailed here and looked fun. I was surprised by how much having a voiced player character added to the experience, and I felt both the NPC and the PC were likeable enough.

Also of note, I really like that when the player approaches a wall or something and smashes face first into it, the weapon model tilts up as though to not ram straight into the wall. A nice touch I wish more FPS games would try and do.

Anyone else following this? There is a lot going on I don’t quite get, like XP - what does that get you? Is that how you learn badass take downs like the 4m mark of that DLC mission video I linked? Because that would be pretty fun to unlock. A lot of the gameplay makes the character look like an utter bad ass, I hope you start off not being able to do a lot of that, it would be fun to unlock stuff as you play.

Hmm; 60£ for Far Cry 3 at GMG. Think I’ll wait a bit. Noticed that LEGO The Lord of the Rings was listed though, that seemed fun.

One thing I am worried about is that you’ll have those endless checkpoints->Chase sequences that you saw in FarCry 2.

Thanks for the (weird looking) links btw; Checking out that video now.

Now we have 3 threads for FC3.

From the 14 min video Gamespot put up, it looks like we can capture territory now, which I hope means an end to the non-stop checkpoint and chase respawning. Or at least there will be much less of it in those areas you’ve gained control of. Would be interesting if you could lose control of those areas, but maybe that would be too frustrating so they didn’t include such a possibility.

Also, since enemies actually give you XP now, perhaps it’s also less frustrating, since you get something for it now, if it is is still a thing.

Hey cool. Ignore this question in the other thread so it dies: when is the release? And when is the review embargo off? I really hope that from a gameplay systems point of view, it’s as tight and awesome as Far Cry 2.

It comes out Nov 29th for EU, Nov 30th for the UK and Dec 4th for the US, I believe.

Ah damn. After Black Friday? I guess it’s being sent out to die then. That sucks.

Yeah, my fear as well. Maybe they wanted to be sure they were releasing a quality product? :) Better than putting it out early I guess, and having it be a buggy mess.

Unless it’s a buggy mess regardless!

What did I say about puns in thread titles?

Now make the thread again, and this time do it RIGHT.

“The Official thread of Long Range Sobbing…3” was all I could come up with! I panicked!!

There’s a weird map floating in the air by the shark I’m punching 3!

Not necessarily. It was scheduled for September, but couldn’t be finished in time. So they delay it (good call, no one wants an unfinished game), but they can’t slot it in Nov. because that’s their big Assassin’s Creed 3 push. So they put it at the very beginning of Dec.

Yeah, Dec is better than pushing it to Jan and totally missing the entire holiday. I’m glad it got the extra polish, I didn’t realize the original date was several months ago.