The Old Guard (Netflix) - Charlize Theron is kinda the Highlander

Very Highlander-y vibes here. Coming July 10.

First image.

Sounds like it could potentially be a lot of fun. Seems like it would work better as a TV show rather than a movie though.

I still need to see Atomic Blonde.

Atomic Blonde is amazing. I want a sequel.

Yeah. Until I read your comment, I thought it was a series. The preview really didn’t read as a movie.

Looks like fun.

Atomic Blonde was an ok John Wick style movie overall with the one really good shot to look like a ‘oner’ action scene.

Yeah. But also Charlize Theron. So, you know, better than that.

At the risk of spoilers, Atomic Blonde had some neat spy-movie double cross elements that I think put it in a different category than a straight-up action movie like John Wick.

First trailer. I’m in.

Thanks for sharing.

Surely the sub-head should be Charlize Ther-e-can-be-only-on.

I’m also in. I’m glad it’s a movie - I’m getting a little burnt out on so many series that could be wrapped up in a 2-6 hour arc. I think movie’s are a little short for really good stories, but a 2-3 part movie is perfect to impose discipline on directors - don’t waste my time!

This is also when the last issue of its second series comic comes out

Oh yeah. No idea if it’s going to be any good, but this trips all of my buttons.


This is out today. My wife and I have watched exactly half of it, but she has to go to a meeting and demands that I not watch the rest until tomorrow.

So my exactly-half review is that the first half is pretty damned great. Theron is excellent of course, playing someone much like Furiosa crossed with her character from Atomic Blonde. The fight choreography is magnificent, and although it takes about an hour to get to know the six or seven main characters, they’re all pretty good.

This is today??? ooooooooo. ok. I know what I’m doing tonight.

Just finished this. Very good IMO. When the credits rolled and I saw the original comic and the screenplay were both by Greg Rucka, I was not surprised. Excellent fight choreography, swift but not frenetic pacing, overall quite satisfying. Not, perhaps, a full “10” on the 7 to 9 scale, but a solid 9 IMO on the action movie scale (assuming you like Charlize, which, I mean, who doesn’t?).

A pleasant surprise overall.

Also, there’s a franchise here if netflix wants it.

My wife came back and demanded that I stop what I was doing and watch the rest.

The second half wasn’t quite as good as the first, but it was still pretty good. The villain was too cartoony, but that’s about the worst thing I can say about it. Certainly this is envisioned as a series of movies, it ends on an “Avengers Assemble!” moment and then ends again on a “Doctor Doom LIVES!” moment a minute later.

Excellent fight choreography though. John Wick level if not better.