The Old Guard (Netflix) - Charlize Theron is kinda the Highlander

Very Highlander-y vibes here. Coming July 10.

First image.

Sounds like it could potentially be a lot of fun. Seems like it would work better as a TV show rather than a movie though.

I still need to see Atomic Blonde.

Atomic Blonde is amazing. I want a sequel.

Yeah. Until I read your comment, I thought it was a series. The preview really didn’t read as a movie.

Looks like fun.

Atomic Blonde was an ok John Wick style movie overall with the one really good shot to look like a ‘oner’ action scene.

Yeah. But also Charlize Theron. So, you know, better than that.

At the risk of spoilers, Atomic Blonde had some neat spy-movie double cross elements that I think put it in a different category than a straight-up action movie like John Wick.

First trailer. I’m in.

Thanks for sharing.

Surely the sub-head should be Charlize Ther-e-can-be-only-on.

I’m also in. I’m glad it’s a movie - I’m getting a little burnt out on so many series that could be wrapped up in a 2-6 hour arc. I think movie’s are a little short for really good stories, but a 2-3 part movie is perfect to impose discipline on directors - don’t waste my time!

Well I liked it.

This is also when the last issue of its second series comic comes out

Oh yeah. No idea if it’s going to be any good, but this trips all of my buttons.