The Old Man - Jeff Bridges plays an aged super-spy

Maybe we’ll get a cutaway to them getting walkies and a milkbone every now and then.

I’m trying to figure why a pet hotel is in an underground parking lot six stories below downtown Los Angeles.

This show would’ve been a lot shorter if he was a cat person.

So I take it we finally met the titular character? Because if the point of the show is to roll out Joel Grey for the finale…YES PLEASE!

Also, I love that a show called The Old Man is gradually revealing that the three female characters are driving the action.

It’s probably a special CIA pet hotel.


Not sure if you’re serious, but I doubt an on-the-run Chase would contact the CIA to look after his kids. And I didn’t realize that was Joel Grey until after the fact. I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him,

This is a weird show. It’s a spy thriller that’s mostly made up of people making speeches to each other in various settings. Very little happens otherwise.

I like it…I’m just not sure why.

For me it’s the writing and the four main performers. The writing and dialogue is both tight and memorable, and Bridges, Lithgow, Brenneman & Shawkat are all excellent.

Another solid episode, I would have liked a bit more action though.

I agree with Tom, that Joel Grey’s reveal scene was fantastic.

I binged 5 episodes this week to catch up - what an incredible show!

I continue to be astonished by this show. Everything about it is just so lush and rich, it’s like eating a slice of triple-chocolate cake!

Worth every penny I bet. And Lithgow could not have come cheap.

They can afford it. They save money by having little dialogue. Writers only get half their usual rate.

Now I understand why Bridges was much less active in episode V than in the previous episodes.

Pretty sweet, “ And think what it’s like to make such a friend. I’m 76, and to stumble on this wonderful friendship at our age, it’s just great.”

Saw episode V.

This show is so good. People talk like I wish I could talk in real life, laying things out clearly.

Indeed, sort of like watching a show when it is in its prime, but this just happens to be the first season. :D

Wait, what… Season 1 is only 7 episodes?


I can’t read the article without paying - what was the reason?

I can’t read the article due to paywall either, but I suspect it’s related to Bridges undergoing treatment for both COVID-19 and then lymphoma.

Yes, and Bridges said that COVID which he contracted while undergoing chemotherapy put him in the ICU for 5 weeks. His goal was to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding without wearing oxygen which he was able to do and he was able to dance with her and that’s when he decided he was ready to go back to work he says in the article.

Odd I don’t have a NYT sub.

It told me I’d “reached my limit of free articles” so I must have clicked a link or two from other sources over who knows what timeframe. Thanks for the summary, that really sucks - I had somehow missed his medical struggles, so I’m glad he’s doing better!

Rem earlier discussion: I assumed he didnt want the dogd to attack until he was sure they wouldn’t be shot, but then he got hustled into the car too quickly.