The Old Man - Jeff Bridges plays an aged super-spy

New to this, through episode 5. It’s very good. The story is a bit off or wobbly sometimes, but Bridges and Lithgow doing their thing make it work.

I do think the story treatment of the dogs is a bit weird. They never seem to alert or find a bad guy until after Bridges has already encountered him. But they’re beautiful dogs — my wife is in love with them — so I don’t mind.

A trick I sometimes use is to copy the link and then search for the link (using the search field, not the URL field). Then click on the article link in the search results, and NYT should let you in without the paywall thingy.

Yeah, the story is…improbable, but the dialog is nicely sharply written. They treat their audience like adults who don’t have to have everything explained to them.

Good episode with another good ending. But… all the old men! Sheesh. This show should be called, The Old Men. It’s all old guys fucking one another over.

Old man 1: Who took her?
Old man 2: The old man.

One thing I didn’t get from this episode: Why didn’t Harold recognize Julian when they passed on the stairs? Didn’t Harold hire Julian to kill Chase?

They’d never met. Their only interactions until then were over the phone.

Ah! Thank you for pointing that out.

Damn , another fine episode, good twist there at the end.

Lets hope the dogs come back for the next episode. :)

Man, that ending was some bullshit. It just felt so… unfinished. I guess they are posturing for another season, but damn. Give a brother a good ending to the first season! I should have seen this coming when Dave and Carol cut out. Those two read the script and were like forget this!

Not a great ending to what had been a very strong season. Knocked the whole season down several notches in my view. I’m probably not up for season 2. I have not read the underlying book but I’m guessing the problem was in the difference between source material and production: the way the plot played out felt like it ignored the performances and chemistry of the actors and just followed the written page. Specifically, the way a certain character was disregarded in the finale, who had made a vivid impression earlier due to a strong performance, was a huge letdown.

This season was merely OK but relative to how strong it started, it was a disappointment. Second time that has happened to me this month (first was Ms. Marvel). That’s not a regular thing for me but perhaps it happens more frequently in the streaming era? Or maybe just bad luck. Sigh.

I am disappoint.

They went from 10 episodes to 7 because of Jeff Bridges’ health, and it showed here. I will put up with “all episodes are a single story”, but you have to finish the story.

It’s beginning to sound like I should wait on Season 2 before watching S1E7. That doesn’t sound too bad, actually. I like where the show ended in S1E6.

I’m feeling the same way

Yeah, that was a wholly unsatisfying season ender, made worse by the fact that the show has been so good.

I honestly think the show gets weaker with each episode. Other than the shock reveals in a few episodes, which have entertainment value and keep you engaged with the promise of something more, it’s quite hard to rationalize the character motivations or reconcile their decisions with what has gone before.

The whole weak mind, unreliable old man stuff just went out the window by episode 3 or 4. And then the dogs abandoned ship. And now this finale.

Yeah, this show had a very strong start and a downward trajectory. I was enjoying it until the finale, although some of the later episodes were buoyed in my mind by the expectation that the show would come together when the characters intersected more fully.

And I don’t think Jeff Bridges’ illness can explain the magnitude of the drop-off. I have to think a lot of it comes from the source material and the way the show runners chose their plot threads.

I am disappointed to realize that was the season finale - figured we had at least one more episode. Like others I found the disbelief getting harder and harder to follow. First 2-3 episodes - perfect. Next 2-3 - tolerable. Episode 7 - yikes.

Yeah when Episode 7 had ended, I was like wtf did I just miss like the last 10-15 minutes of the episode?

Just imagine if it wasn’t getting a 2nd season.

I’m late to the game on this, only about three episodes in. But for the guy who they got to play a young John Lithgow -he sounds amazingly like the real thing! Are they overdubbing Lithgow’s voice or is the actor just that amazingly close?

His body language is also very good.