The One Article You Must Show Your Girlie

Halpern said the study also supports earlier findings that women, in general, have a better autobiographical memory for anything, not just emotional events.

She said the study supports the folkloric idea that a wife has a truer memory for marital spats than does her husband.

Show it to her, then next time you hear, “you don’t even remember what we were arguing about”, you have the built in excuse of sorry honey, its the way I am wired.


Nothing screams maturity like consistently using the world “girlie” to describe your significant other.

Yeah, chicks hate that.

Oh no! I failed the wumpus maturity test! The joking name that i use to refer to my longtime girlfriend and then use to refer to other people’s female relation is not up to his standards!!! OH NO!!!

I am sorry. Should I have used significant other? Female companion? Female with whom you share your life with? Or in your case, mail order bride forced to live with wumpus to pay off family debt in india?


Chet just can’t leave the “Licensed to Ill” era behind.

Chet, I don’t want to come between you and your god-given right to look like a jackass. You gotta fight for your right to party, after all.

wumpuss - just bored that no one is taking continual potshots at me now that metk has melted down?

Your ability to demonstrate your troll ability and lack of a personality past that of a troll is amazing.

Still have no idea about the past two beastie boy references, but I sure wish I did so I could have the “street cred” you have.


I think ‘significant other’ is stupid. Like all political correctness, the effort to make ‘everything palatable to everybody’ just makes your wife or girlfriend sound like a hi-tech set of stereo speakers you bought at the mall.

Watch out, maybe newspeak will come about that way, rather than being government mandated, who knows.


I’ve eliminated fourteen words from the official vocabulary already today!

Yeah. God knows we all extend you the same courtesy… ;)

Watch out, maybe newspeak will come about that way, rather than being government mandated, who knows.

That would be double plus good! For me and my bitch, I mean, my girlie!